America’s 100 Healthiest Employers for 2018 – 61-70

In this series, we’re sharing the behind-the-scenes details of what sets America’s Healthiest 100 Employers apart from the pack.

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#61 – City of St. Charles School District 

Total Employees – 780

HQ – St. Charles, MO

“The Bridge Health Center is the hub in the ‘hub and spoke’ model of the City of St. Charles School District’s health and well-being programs. The District continued to build engagement in the programs and has introduced an integrated approach between their PBM and health center with regards to pharmacy, offering preventative and chronic medications at no cost to participants.”

#62 – Baylor College of Medicine

Total Employees – 9,393

HQ – Houston, TX

“The Baylor College of Medicine leans into their strongest asset for wellness – their medical knowledge. Through presentations, online and print materials, challenges, and their online wellness portal, they use every teachable moment to increase health knowledge. Their primary focus is educating employees on the importance of having a relationship with primary-care physicians.”

#63 – Syngenta

Total Employees – 4,000


“Our focus is on the development of holistic well-being in our employees, encouraging a proper balance of mind, body, and spirit, as well as the pursuit of a meaningful life purpose. Our people are our competitive advantage, and to have them at an optimal level of health ensures that our company is well positioned to deliver on its purpose of Bringing Plant Potential to Life.”

#64 – Harris Health Systems

Total Employees – 8,296

HQ – Houston, TX

“I am most proud of our employees’ commitment to their own well-being. Our wellness program aims to empower staff members with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to achieve their personal health and wellness goals. Prioritizing our self-care enables the Harris Health Family to take better care of our patients.”

#65 – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Total Employees  4,716

HQ – Durham, NC

“Our goal is to be a model for integrating the latest in health innovation so we may transfer what we learned to other companies, communities, and families. Prevention and wellness are essential to a healthy, productive, satisfied workforce.”

#66 – Aetna

Total Employees – 48,000

HQ – Phoenix, AZ

“Aetna’s employee well-being program is nationally recognized, focusing on five dimensions of well-being; physical, emotional, financial security, community, and purpose. They offer programs that inspire employees to take charge of their own health, such as well-being challenges, onsite fitness and health centers; retirement readiness resources; and a mind-body stress reduction program.”

#67 – HORAN

Total Employees – 130

HQ – Cincinnati, OH

“Over the past eight years, HORAN’s average age has continually increased, but their healthcare costs have either remained the same or gone down every year. This can be attributed to their heavy focus on primary-care and aggressive targeting of high-risk conditions.”

#68 – Trilogy Health Services

Total Employees – 9,458

HQ – Louisville, KY

“Trilogy Health Services is a fantastic case study in the impact that effective leadership can have on organizational wellness. Each year, they do a wellness tour to all locations where their CEO tells his story about his personal wellness journey. This includes tobacco cessation as a centerpiece. This has led to high engagement and participation rates among members.”

#69 – Franklin County Board of Commissioners

Total Employees – 6,000

HQ – Columbus, OH

“The Franklin County Board of Commissioners founded their wellness program with a different tact that has served them well. Instead of focusing on intervening with those who need help, they wanted to target their engagement under the mantra ‘desire to live well.’ Consequently, participation rates have been high across the board, leading to better clinical outcomes.”

#70 – Froedtert Health 

Total Employees – 9,644

HQ – Milwaukee, WI

“Froedtert Health’s Wellness Works program provides a comprehensive approach to improving the overall health and well-being of our staff and providers. The partnerships we have formed throughout the healthcare system have strengthened the importance of a culture of health at Froedtert Health.

For a full writeup on our list of America’s Healthiest Employers in 2018, download our free Healthiest 100 Magazine.