America’s 100 Healthiest Employers for 2018 – 71-80

In this series, we’re sharing the behind-the-scenes details of what sets America’s Healthiest 100 Employers apart from the pack.

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#71 – Pasco County Schools 

Total Employees – 9,816

HQ – Land O Lakes, FL

“By offering a braoder range of incentives that appeal to a larger base of our employee population, our employees’ overall health is improving, and we are seeing a direct financial benefit in our claims and health insurance costs.”

#72 – Mercy Health

Total Employees – 25,698

HQ – Cincinnati, OH

“As an employee improves their own health, they are better able to provide exceptional, compassionate care to our patients. Be Well Within has been a catalyst for a culture of health, leading to healthier caregivers who are ready to health the communities we serve.”

#73 – LG&E and KU Energy LLC

Total Employees – 3,536

HQ – Louisville, KY

“Each year, we see more employees not only participating in our programs but also leading their own wellness efforts with their families and co-workers. Our most recent Employee Opinion Survey showed that 92% of our employees believe the company’s wellness initiatives support their overall health and well-being.”

#74 – Permanente Dental Associates

Total Employees – 147

HQ – Portland, OR

“Our wellness program reflects who we are – clinicians and staff who care about a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It shows in the recreation and sports we play, volunteering in the communities we serve and the rewarding myriad ways we take care of ourselves and our families.”

#75 – Precept Group

Total Employees  120

HQ – San Ramon, CA

“Precept Group is leaning into the ideal of medical consumerism in a very real way. For their population, their mobile app is a game changer. This app serves as a tool to simplify their medical use experience by giving their team an online medical ID card, their specific medical plan summary, their deductibles and balances, alerts to self-care and wellness tools.”

#76 – Onlife Health

Total Employees – 125

HQ – Brentwood, TN

“As a company, that delivers wellness programs and solutions to organizations nationwide, we believe it’s extremely important to practice what we preach. Being recognized for our own wellness program confirms we have a true passion to creat a culture of health that provides our employees with the support and resources to live healthier lives.”

#77 – American Showa, Inc.

Total Employees – 909

HQ – Sunbury, OH

“Realizing the impact that ASI’s wellness initiative has had not only on improving the lives of our associates but also on the business aspect of providing top-of-the-line health benefits makes the decision to fully support our wellness program easy.”

#78 – JE Dunn Construction

Total Employees – 3,199

HQ – Kansas City, MO

“Health and wellness is such an important initiative here at JE Dunn. We have a great gym and gym membership discounts, we have a café that provides healthy food options, and we have an entire health and wellness program that promotes healthy lifestyle choices, fitness activities, and more.”

#79 – alliantgroup

Total Employees – 800

HQ – Houston, TX

“Our program incorporates multiple aspects of wellness outside of just having a place for our professional to work out. From physical screenings to nutritional plans, our wellness program is truly all-encompassing and has now become an integral part of our core values.”

#80 – Sun Coast Resource Inc. 

Total Employees – 1,460

HQ – Houston, TX

“I am thrilled at our staff’s response to Sun Coast’s ‘Fit Tank.’ So many on our team work out religiously in Sun Coast’s state-of-the-art facility. Our company stresses the importance of good health, and thanks to our Corporate Fitness and Wellness Manager, Sarah Miranda, we are well on our way to a more healthy lifestyle.

For a full writeup on our list of America’s Healthiest Employers in 2018, download our free Healthiest 100 Magazine.