We’re software engineers, problem solvers and health intelligence experts.

We’re also game changers. Our team has worked alongside more than 8,000 employers to develop the leading health analytics software platform. With this uncommon understanding of today’s employer, we’re changing how organizations invest in the health of their population.

“For the Employer”

Employers are on the front lines of population health. With rising costs come heightened expectations to improve health and the bottom line. It’s only fair that they have the best tools for the fight.

Springbuk is built “for the employer.” This isn’t a tagline or catchphrase. It’s the DNA of our team. With benefits, clinical and HR knowledge, we’re focused on delivering a product that solves real-world problems for real-world employers.

For the employer. By the employer. Are you ready for Springbuk?

A History of Health

In 2009, we launched the national Healthiest Employers® Award Program to identify what employers were doing in worksite wellness. Today, the Award is conducted in over forty U.S. cities and represents over sixty million employee lives. With visibility into the “Healthiest Employers” in America, we built Springbuk to address the key challenges facing today’s organization.

Learn more about our research and award program at HealthiestEmployers.com