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Springbuk offers an enterprise Health Intelligence platform that helps employers and consultants build a smart, unified system to strategically design, implement, and sustain health management investments.

Now, you can align your health programs, vendor partners, and health-related technologies in a single platform.

Actionable Intelligence for Employers

Employers are in the people business. Attracting, retaining, and protecting the asset of health has never been more important. To maximize this investment and measure its impact, employers need access to more than data: they need intelligence that can empower better decisions to deliver impact and an employee health experience that is focused and meaningful.
See how one employer leveraged their data to save over $300,000 in their Diabetes Management Program
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Beyond health analytics, leverage Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform to grow your business and improve outcomes for your employers. Through a single source of truth, custom reporting, and curated, actionable strategies, you’re able to confidently navigate opportunities -- directing resources for the most meaningful impact.
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From the inception of Springbuk, this vision statement has guided our purpose and direction. It’s more than a rallying cry or cultural edict: “prevention” continues to fuel every decision we make for our product, team, and partners.

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Springbuk provides Health Intelligence to a range of organizations—from clinics to wellness vendors and beyond. Advise with accuracy, measure results, and plan for what's ahead.
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Our enterprise Health Intelligence platform helps employers and consultants build an intelligent, unified system to more strategically design and manage employee benefits.