Employee Health Trends 2024

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Employee Health Trends 2023

Over the years, we’ve seen the most forward-thinking employers and benefits leaders seek and gain an understanding of how shifts in a workforce’s needs and resources shape the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.

As we prepare to dive into 2024's trends, let's take a look about what trends our team explored for 2023 in our aggregate data of over 4,300 employers.

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Employee Health Trends 2023

Since Springbuk’s inception, our team’s goal has been to equip employers and their benefits advisors with easy-to-use information to improve employee health, manage costs, and understand program impact.

In this executive summary, we highlight the trends covered in Employee Health Trends 2023, including:

- Spending on COVID-19 PMPM
- Bringing Costs into Focus
– Cancer with Active Management
- A Deeper Understanding In Biosimilars’ Adoption
- The Service Trend Boomerang

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Employee Health Trends 2023

In this on-demand webinar, our team explores four health trends they uncovered in 2023 and examine how you can use this information to provide the best employee experience possible while protecting your financial bottom line.

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