Springbuk Round-up

By: Penny Moore, Chief Commerical Officer

Apr. 15, 2021

“Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.” - Sun Tzu

In an all-hands meeting, I shared this quote with the team. Why? Because the victories we are achieving with our partners, customers, and community result from our relentless preparation.

When Springbuk went to market in 2015, we set a lofty goal to create a world where every healthcare decision is backed and guided by data. We recognized early on this world and its victories wouldn’t come from more data – it would come from the direction this data could give us.

Our preparation to achieve this began by building a framework that could scale and adapt, eventually providing the insight necessary to act. But this framework and high-quality data was only the first piece to the victory.

Preparation can’t focus solely on fine-tuning your offense, or in our case, our product. We needed a team of individuals, our defense, who could go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the necessary support and direction to be efficient with their time, make strategic decisions for their population, and identify the top areas to contain costs. We have hired registered dieticians, MDs, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals, allowing our clients to benefit from deep knowledge throughout their interaction with our people and platform.

As we turned the corner into 2021, the victory was clear. Throughout shifting workplace dynamics and unimaginable times, our preparation had armed us to be victorious even when the road to success took an alternate course. We saw customers achieving truly actionable insight to sharpen their benefits strategy, contain costs, and improve their employee experiences.

Below are a few of my favorite resources from the past quarter highlighting how, together, we’re preventing disease with data:

The Expertise That Enables Health Intelligence

Health Intelligence means moving beyond simple analytics by providing insights into data that can then drive action.

The line between “analytics” and “intelligence” is a gray one, with no clear-cut division between the two. Anne Fischer, Sr. Director of Data Science and Methods, likes to think of it as a spectrum, ranging from simple mathematics and data presentation to prescriptive models that can point someone in the recommended direction.

In this blog, she discusses why the further we move across the spectrum, from simple analytics to true health intelligence, the more important it becomes to integrate expertise into your methods and models.

Imagine unifying and synthesizing your employee health data to guide each plan and program you put in place.

With Springbuk, this world is possible. If you’re ready to put your data to work to gain the health intelligence that can actually help improve the health of your employees, this ebook discusses six ways to maximize your most valuable resource – your people.

Silicon Review: Analyze and organize healthcare datasets at ease with Springbuk, a leading-edge health analytics solution

As healthcare costs continue to rise, we understand that employers carry a large portion of that burden. With so many outside factors, the ability to utilize advanced analytics to identify insights from healthcare data is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

In this interview, Rod Reasen, Springbuk CEO, discusses:

  • The data compliance and security measures built into the Springbuk Intelligence Engine

  • How employers can benefit from information that leads directly to action, disease prevention, and mitigation

  • The additional data sources Springbuk is mapping to ingest data from the new innovative programs our customers are implementing

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Recent data from Springbuk and many other sources point to an escalating trend in mental health diagnoses over the past several years among the commercially insured - some of which has grown even more significantly since the onset of COVID-19.

As employers, we have an opportunity to make strides in the right direction. Offering benefits and programs are a clear first step, and an easy one compared to changing the underlying company culture.

In this blog, we cover topics such as:

  • The continuing challenge in offering mental health benefits

  • The cultural roadblock and how we can shift it

  • How employers can affect and create real change

Deeper Data for Better Benefits

Each year, benefits leaders and their consultants analyze employee engagement and health data to inform which programs or point solutions they made add to their plans. However, to accomplish this, they rely on siloed data sources, stagnant reports, and cumbersome processes.

In this podcast, Rod Reasen discusses how his experience with these healthcare market challenges lead him to create a solution that could:

  • Provide users with an intuitive user experience

  • Empower data-driven decisions

  • Advance employee health and curb benefits spend


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