4 Trends From Pandemic-driven Data to Optimize Healthcare Plans

June 29, 2021

How can resources be aligned to deal with the considerable shifts in employee access in this new world of employee health and healthcare?

For this, we turn to data. Trends in employee health are crucial in designing and optimizing the most effective care plans and programs going forward.

In a BenefitsPro article, Anne Fischer, VP of Data Science and Methods, and Jennifer Jones, Population Health Practice Leader, dive into a 2021 Employee Health Trends report of Springbuk data sampled from over 4,000 employers on four important employee health trends identified over the past year.

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How does Springbuk deliver insights about health data?

One of the questions we get is, “How do we provide direction within the platform?” So when building our Intelligence Engine, we began calling it an engine because it's continually looking for opportunities in the platform. Much like every time you're engaging with some social media consumer retail platform, they're learning from you. And then they're able to better provide additional output to you.

We use that same type of paradigm within our platform with the entire ecosystem of users. So Springbuk Insights™ was built to enrich the information. Not just visualize it, but actively go and find opportunities.

What we've said is – why don't we do the heavy lift? We'll go find the opportunities, and instead of you trying to come to a platform and get information with already a question formed in your head, you can come into the Springbuk platform and be educated every single moment. Because that's our job – give you information so you can walk away, not just be informed, but to be able to act.