Linking Opioid Use and Mental Health Data to Plan for 2020

Today’s best and most innovative consultants strive to help employers cultivate the most impactful experience for their employees. They know that healthcare data should be the driving force of health management decisions. But even the best data warehouses can’t provide the insight needed for employers to meaningfully direct their resources. That’s why consultants, like Sequoia Consulting Group, are turning to Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform to create meaningful change and elevate their employer’s health programs.

In one particular situation, Springbuk and Sequoia Consulting Group partnered with an international retailer who wanted to develop curated strategies that went beyond just limiting cost.

This employer not only wanted to keep their employees healthy and engaged, but they also wanted to:

  • Utilize data to make more informed decisions
  • Understand where to direct resources in order to provide the greatest impact in their employee population
  • Understand what vendors to partner with in order to align with employee needs in health plans and programs

With Sequoia Consulting Group utilizing Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform, this employer was equipped with the insight and direction necessary to achieve these goals. Through Springbuk’s Insights and Health Strategy Services, Sequoia identified one of the greatest opportunities within this particular population was linked between Opioid usage and mental health.

Download the case study below to see how Springbuk and Sequoia helped this employer not only gain an understanding of their at-risk population but also curate actionable management strategies.