Uncover Savings Opportunities with Springbuk Insights

Case Study: Springbuk and Advanced Benefits

For many employee benefits consultants, their role is to analyze the health data and actions of clients to uncover opportunities. Advanced Benefits, an employee benefits and management company, aims to offer a consistent ‘high-touch, high-impact’ approach toward their clients’ businesses by overcoming the challenges that stand between their clients and providing impactful employee plans.

However, Courtney, a Cost Containment Strategist for Advanced Benefits, wanted to more efficiently bridge the gap between population health data and the strategies influencing them for her clients. But the multiple data points she was working in made it challenging to build a unique plan to contain unnecessary healthcare spending and engage employees.

Courtney knew in order to present opportunity findings and curate unique strategies, she needed a more intelligent solution. She turned to Springbuk Insights to bolster her clients’ data with actionable next steps based on cost savings and member engagement opportunities.

Insights really comes into play when you show employers actionable opportunities. It’s not only showing them there’s an issue, Insights shows them there’s a way to solve it.” - Courtney Schwagler, Cost Containment Strategist with Advanced Benefits

Read the full case study here to see how Insights helped Courtney give her clients an understanding of their most significant cost savings opportunities and equipped them with strategies to take action.