Empowering Your Moments in Time

June 30, 2021

Throughout the year, there are critical moments for benefits decisions that require you to:

  • Understand the health risk and cost trends in your employee benefit plan
  • Select the most effective programs to support managing those trends
  • Gauge if the programs you have implemented are delivering the expected outcome

Yet when benefit planning season comes back around, there are countless new point solutions available and shifting workforce dynamics that you need to account for.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In working with more than 4,000 employer customers, we understand there are a few important “Moments in Time” every year for benefits leaders.

Explore three of the biggest in this e-book.

How does Springbuk enable health intelligence?

Health analytics has been around for quite some time, and we've been mired with dashboards and huge amounts of information that unfortunately often will collect dust, because employers often don't know what to do with that information or what next steps to take.

Health intelligence elevates health analytics data to a new level and allows employers to focus on the information that they can act upon and the strategies they can undertake to avoid cost and risk for the future of their population.

Springbuk enables health intelligence by building products that solve the real problems of our customers. We incorporate data science, curation, and distillation so you can get the right information at the right time to solve your business questions.

An employer might use Springbuk Insights™ and Answers™ together to understand their ER visits and how they can potentially address that problem. So you might start out in Springbuk Answers to look at your rate of ER utilization and compare it to a benchmark.

Once you discover there may be an opportunity, you can go over to Springbuk Insights and look at what percentage of those ER visits are actually avoidable events. Then, you can create a focus population of that group that might be using the ER in an inefficient manner where there may be care alternatives like primary care, urgent care, and other care modalities.

Then you can go over to Springbuk Timeline, where you can then chronicle the journey of trying to impact that group through incentives and other education programs to actually show your rates going out for that particular cohort over time.

Through the combination of Springbuk Insights, Answers, and Timeline, you can identify whether ER visits are an issue for your population, identify what portion of those ER visits are avoidable, create a focused population of that group, and track improvement and chronicle the journey through Timeline.

Discover how Springbuk can help you navigate ER utilization opportunities and more in this e-book.