Health Intelligence: Are You Ready for Health Intelligence?

Employers don’t need more data, they need better direction. We’d like to introduce you to Health Intelligence, a smarter solution for measuring the impact of your health management investment.

We know that today’s employer plays a unique role in the lives of their employees, one that stretches beyond the office. They aim to tailor programs and plans that keep employees happy, healthy, and engaged in all facets of their lives. And in an effort to do so, they purchase clucky data warehouse that leaves them wasting time trudging through data – still answerless to their questions. But with today’s technology, everyone is left asking: Why is it so hard to get the answers needed in healthcare analytics? That’s why we built our Health Intelligence platform to work from a single source of truth.

Through curated strategies, Health Intelligence is allowing employers and consultants to spend less time laboring through data and more time acting. As your organization prepares to see how Health Intelligence fits in your organization, we've highlighted the questions to ask and factors to consider.

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