The Secret is Out

Your data holds the key to a leading benefits strategy.

As you sip, chat, and enjoy an evening of great conversation, we hope you see that you don't need a secret code to unlock the power of your data. You need an analytics solution that puts a world of insight right at your fingertips.

We'd like to show you how – with Springbuk – you get more than just data; you receive direction to connect the dots and take action. Our Moments in Time e-book can help provide a glimpse into how Springbuk can help you find the perfect mix for your benefits strategy:

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Actionable Insight for Every Benefits Leader

Social Determinants of Health Infographic

Learn about 6 data-informed strategies that use social determinants of health to help improve the underlying social and economic conditions within communities to positively impact the health for all.

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Employee Health Trends 2022 Infographic

Discover the top four employee health trends that Springbuk uncovered from analyzing data of more than 4000 employers.

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Measuring the Impact of Health and Well-being Programs Success Story

Learn how U-Haul's partnership with Springbuk helped identify 1200 members with a diabetic gap in care, demonstrating an opportunity for $7 million in savings opportunities in the Springbuk platform.

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Connect with an Expert

Ready to see how Springbuk can equip you with deeper insights, smarter healthcare decision-making, and better strategic direction on benefits planning? Connect with a member of our team to learn more!

Greg Blemlek, Account Executive, Enterprise

Greg has worked in the Benefits Consulting space for 20 years. Possessing a strong belief in the power of analytics, Greg transitioned from consulting with enterprise organizations to directly work with them to better understand the impact that analytics can play in their decision-making process. He joined Springbuk in Nov. 2021 and is excited to work with large employers and help develop and grow the Springbuk enterprise client base.


Kristin Kwajewski, Account Executive, Enterprise

Kristin joined the Springbuk team in Jan. 2021 with a concentration on new market growth in the enterprise space. Kristin is passionate about working with benefits teams to learn about the challenges they are facing and then partnering with them to provide a solution to maximize the investment they’ve made in their health management programs.


Understanding Which Social Determinants Impact Your Population

In this on-demand webinar, Tracy Allie, Allstate's Senior Manager, Employee Wellbeing and Time Away Strategy, and Jennifer Jones, Springbuk's Population Health Practice Leader, discuss six key categories where data related to individual and social determinants can be instrumental in designing impactful population health strategies and how you can apply them.

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