Employee Health Trends 2023 Webinar

4 Major Health Trends Emerge That Could Help Employers Contain Costs

Springbuk's 2023 Employee Health Trends report highlights four key emerging health issues that will impact how benefits leaders plan, deliver, and evaluate employee benefits programs, and provides recommendations on addressing those issues. It also helps answer questions such as:

- How is COVID-19 still impacting costs?
- What services are driving the increase in cancer costs?
- Will new specialty drugs have a major effect on treatments and costs?
- What is telemedicine's "new normal"?

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The Insight You Need to Optimize Your Impact

Since Springbuk’s inception, our team’s goal has been to equip employers and their benefits advisors with easy-to-use information to improve employee health, manage costs, and understand program impact.

In this executive summary, we highlight the trends covered in Employee Health Trends 2023, including:

- Spending on COVID-19 PMPM
- Bringing Costs into Focus – Cancer with Active Management
- A Deeper Understanding In Biosimilars’ Adoption
- The Service Trend Boomerang

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