Shining a Spotlight on Healthiest Employers

Founded by Rod Reasen and Phil Daniels as an Indianapolis-based program, Healthiest Employers has scaled to:

  • 45 Regional Designation Programs
  • 10,000 Participating Employers
  • 72% Fortune 100 Participation
  • 60 Million Employee Lives
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Going Beyond Wellness with Data

As benefits data trends emerged from yearly applications, Reasen and Daniels recognized a common theme: employers make numerous investments in their employees' health, but lack the tools to understand what is working in their population. They thought: perhaps we could provide employers more than basic reports or another data warehouse to track their investments' impact.

Discovering the Missing Piece

While the awards program laid the foundation for improving the health and well-being of employees, Reasen and Daniels knew there was still a missing piece to fulfilling their mission. They began to imagine a world where employers had the transparency into their data to guide each plan and program they put in place.
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Built With the Employer in Mind

To help employers improve employee health and manage rising healthcare costs, the Springbuk health data analytics solution was launched in January of 2015 to a handful of beta customers. The initial product proved what Reasen and Daniels observed early on in Healthiest Employers' development: employers crave easy-to-use information to improve health, manage costs, and report on results.

A More Intelligent Partnership

Throughout the years, Healthiest Employers and Springbuk has grown and evolved alongside one another with one common, clear goal: when your healthcare data has a single source of truth, you have the direction necessary to make the greatest impact in your population.  

The Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America

For the past decade, Healthiest Employers has celebrated the Healthiest 100™ Workplaces in America as part of our national awards program, administered by Springbuk. This program honors the “best of the best” in corporate health and wellness.

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The Six Pillars of Wellness

The Healthiest Employers award program is a comprehensive online assessment to evaluate company performance spanning six key areas of health and wellbeing:
Culture and Leadership Commitment

Culture determines the success (or failure) of today’s well-being programs. Leadership plays a critical role in affecting an organization’s approach to programming.

Foundational Components

The foundation of your health program will determine its overall, long-term strength. Shallow programs can be built quickly but have difficulty in producing lasting results.

Strategic Planning

Achieving an innovative program begins by developing a mid- and long-term strategy. This work will be evidenced in the results of a healthier, more productive workforce.

Communications and Marketing

With a communications and marketing plan tailored to your employees’ needs, you can turn lackluster perception and participation into ongoing momentum.

Programming and Interventions

Impactful methods and engagement strategies are often ones that address the needs of the employee population by optimizing your programs, engagement strategies, and incentives to maximize effectiveness.

Reporting and Analytics

When health initiatives are effectively managed and measured, research indicates that employees are more productive, spend less time away from the workforce, and spend less on healthcare.

Building a Community and Resource Center

Use these valuable, actionable resources to see the latest trends in employee wellness and how innovative companies are improving their population's health.

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