Success Starts with Your Support Team

When you have a team dedicated to your goals, you’re empowered to create better health outcomes, healthier individuals, and a thriving business.That’s why we’ve built a Client Success team to help advise and support you through every chapter of your journey at Springbuk.

Our Team is an Extension of Yours

Resources and time can run in short supply throughout the day-to-day of to dos, email, and meetings. We are here to demonstrate platform features, help prioritize opportunities, and navigate any obstacles or challenges.

Need to schedule an ad-hoc strategy meeting?

Whether you prefer email, video, or traditional phone call, our team can coordinate regularly scheduled strategy sessions or one off meetings.

Have a new team member that needs a platform walk-through?

Our Client Success team will provide hands-on help through platform tutorials, resources, and collateral.

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Need to quickly find a resource or check onboarding status?

Our Partner Central portal is a single source of truth for any documentation needed, checklists for onboarding, and video guides to help you become acquainted with the platform.

Designed With the Employer in Mind

Springbuk was built based on feedback from over 11,000 organizations nationwide, putting employers in the center of healthcare to prevent disease with data. When it comes to maximizing the investment you've made in your health benefits plan, you can trust that our team has your back from day one.

Insight at Your Fingertips

Receive expert guidance with setup, data services, and implementation.

Continuous Support

Let us train your team with onboarding programs and receive ongoing data consulting.

Start Driving Results

A significant part of our team's job is to ensure the transparency and knowledge you need to take action off your data.

Data-Driven Plan Design Mitigates Risk of Opioid Abuse

After implementing the Springbuk platform, a benefits advising agency finally had a single source of truth for its clients’ healthcare data to easily compare healthcare spend year-over-year and proactively identify gaps in care.

Read the full client success story and see how Springbuk helped the advising agency identify over $9 million in total savings opportunities across their entire book of business.

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