Securely Store, Analyze, and Measure Your Population Health Data

When it comes to healthcare, you can’t afford to make a decision based on bad data. Springbuk ensures confidence and speed with the most rigorous data quality standards and automated processes. Our solution ingests your multi-sourced data, normalizes and enriches, then runs more than 180 data quality checks — equipping your team with accuracy, scalability, and agility for more informed decision-making.

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Increased Efficiencies for Data-informed Direction

Health benefits data is foundational to what we do at Springbuk, and a commitment to quality is foundational to how we service our clients. A key part of our job is ensuring we provide the transparency, knowledge, and quality checks our clients need to quickly take action off of complex, multi-sourced data.

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Delivering Intelligent, Actionable Insights

Our focus is on getting clients’ data normalized and enriched as efficiently as possible to drive intelligent, actionable insights for optimimum impact. Our Intelligence Engine assures that the data our clients view in the Springbuk platform represents the true story of their population’s health.

The Springbuk Intelligence Engine

Rigorous Data Quality Checks

Data mapping and data quality are a large part of the Springbuk Data Pipeline. When it comes to the ingestion and normalization data sets, we take a proactive, automated quality assurance approach, running over 180 automated quality control checks. Our mapping and normalization rules enable us to inspect the contents of the files, the fields in the file, and to assess the quality of the raw data files delivered by the health benefits vendor (i.e., missing fields, invalid codes, nonsensical values, etc.)

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Your Data Can Be Flexible and Agile

Our Intelligence Engine was built from the ground up to manage our clients’ data in a flexible, secure, and high-performance manner. We take advantage of cloud technologies so that our data pipeline is completely modern and can handle the demands of healthcare data today, but is ready to influence the way healthcare data is processed in the future.

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Securing Your Data is a Top Priority

We are HITRUST certified and HIPPA compliant, and we exceed the industry-standard best practices to take care of your data leveraged in our infrastructure. Security is a top priority, from encryption to tightly controlled access and a completely isolated production infrastructure.

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