Flexible and Customizable Data Visualization at Your Fingertips

Analysts can add their own touch to reports with the robust, easy-to-use features in Springbuk Advanced Reporting™. This provides you with access to the raw data to slice, dice, and build custom reports in a more traditional data warehouse environment, offering you further flexibility, accessibility, and customization needed to make important data-driven decisions.

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Extend Your Reporting Capabilities

Gain extra flexibility to tailor the monthly metrics you report on based on what’s most important to your team. Advanced Reporting empowers you to:

Data Exploration

Examine the data in your own way, making space for those eureka moments in data exploration.

Connect to All the Data You Need

Visualize and manipulate information from disparate data sources in a single place.

Data-driven Decisions

Build powerful reports quickly from existing data to inform plan design decisions, monthly reporting, and risk analysis.

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Quickly Report on Metrics That Are Most Important to You

Reporting is an important function of your health analytics system. Our Reporting Library offers an extensive suite of reports in various categories – including Clinical, Drug, Financial, Risk, and Utilization – all wrapped in an interactive, intuitive user experience.

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