Tell the Story of Your Data with Springbuk Reporting

Over the years, creating monthly or ad hoc reports may have required manual, cumbersome processes that didn't allow the customization abilities your organization needs. Now, with the power of Springbuk's intuitive reporting functionalities, you have the tools to create interactive reports to understand impact of changes, track success metrics, and explore new opportunities.

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Putting Data to Work for People

An employer client wanted to know: “Who are our highest cost claimants? Is there a population we should be tailoring programs to that we currently aren't?” Using Springbuk Report Builder, the team easily create a customized report that showed:
  • Engaged populations based on the frequency of biometric screenings and program participation
  • Levels of risk in the client’s population by analyzing preventable risk opportunities and high-risk behavior
  • Correlation in costs between high-cost claimants and other high-risk members
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Extend Your Reporting Capabilities

Build powerful reports quickly from existing data to inform plan design decisions, monthly reporting, and risk analysis to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Better Insights, Better Support

In addition to the Springbuk platform, our experienced Analytic and Strategic Consultants can advise and support you with any custom reporting needs, data analysis, visualizations, or strategy recommendations.

Springbuk Reporting Functionalities

Quickly Build Custom Reports

Want on-demand insight into your health data or programs' performance? You can build tailored reports in 10 minutes or less through the power of Springbuk Report Builder – allowing you to share valuable insights on your population’s health and healthcare spend.

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Connect All the Data You Need

Looking to add your own touch to your reports? With the robust, easy-to-use features in Springbuk Advanced Reporting, you have access to your raw data to slice, dice, and build custom reports in a more traditional data warehouse environment.

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See it in Action

Let us show you how Springbuk can equip you with deeper insights, smarter healthcare decision-making, and better strategic direction.

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