Reporting Made Simple:
Streamline Your Benefits Strategy

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming reporting processes. Springbuk Report Builder empowers you to create meaningful, customized reports in minutes, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your people. Share valuable insights on population health and healthcare spend efficiently, driving informed decision-making and demonstrating the value of your benefits programs.

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Optimize Your Reporting Processes

Intuitively build tailored reports using informative cards from across the Springbuk platform, highlighting what's most important to you and your stakeholders.

Quickly Create Impactful Reports

Develop interactive reports to explore program changes and visualize potential outcomes, enabling data-driven benefits strategy adjustments.

Deliver Accuracy & Direction

Apply filters to break down your population by age, gender, role, income, and more, uncovering deeper insights to guide targeted wellness initiatives.

Track Population Changes Over Time

Identify patterns and hidden intervention opportunities based on different demographic categories, ensuring your benefits evolve with your employees' needs.

Report Builder in Action

Customize your analysis to drill into plan performance and highlight key utilization metrics across essential categories:
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Effortless Reporting on Population Health

Report Builder enhances your reporting experience, providing:

Cost Optimization

Analyze healthcare spend trends to identify savings opportunities and demonstrate ROI on wellness initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Select informative cards from Springbuk dashboards to build customized reports within minutes, supporting data-driven benefits decisions.

Prioritized Interventions

Understand potential complications from specific care gaps to prioritize targeted health programs and improve employee well-being.

Data-Driven Plan Design Mitigates Risk of Opioid Abuse

When analyzing an employer's aggregate data within the Springbuk platform, a benefit advising team identified one of the greatest opportunities in the  population came from connecting opioid usage with mental health. Of the active population, Springbuk Insights uncovered:

  • 2% of all employees flagged as potential opiate abusers
  • When removing high-cost claimants (employees with >$100k spend in the past 12 months), the average spend for potential opiate abusers was four times the average spend of employees not at risk
  • 80% of employees at-risk for opioid abuse were also categorized with Orthopedic or Psychiatric conditions
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