Reporting Made Simple

Over the years, monthly or ad hoc reporting may have required manual, cumbersome processes or a third-party vendor to create and process reports. With all this time dedicated to pulling reports, you’re distracted from focusing on your most valuable resource – your people. You need a streamlined and scalable way to compile and share pertinent information and data. With Springbuk Report Builder, you can quickly create meaningful, customized reports in 10 minutes or less, allowing you to share valuable insights on your population’s health and healthcare spend.

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Streamline Your Reporting Processes

With an intuitive design, featuring informative cards from across the Springbuk platform, you can easily build reports tailored to show what’s important to you and your audience.

Quickly Create Meaningful Reports

Create interactive reports to explore changes to your programs and see possible outcomes.

Deliver Accuracy and Direction

Dig deeper into your health data by applying filters that break down your population by age, gender, role, income, etc.

Track Changes in Your Population Over Time

Identify patterns or hidden intervention opportunities based on different filter categories you've applied.

Report Builder in Action

As your employees’ needs evolve, so should your solution. Report Builder provides you the customization you need to drill into plan performance and highlight key utilization metrics by organizing information into focused reports within the following categories:
Laptop viewing Springbuk Report Builder

Reporting on Your Population’s Health Just Got Easier

Report Builder is your tool to improve the functionality and usability of your reporting experience.

Innovate + Plan

Easily select informative cards from Springbuk dashboards to build a customized client report within minutes.

Measure + Explore

Quickly apply the same report to different populations or different time periods without having to take screenshots or duplicate your work.

Learn + Prioritize

Understand potential complications from specific gaps in care to prioritize gap closure efforts.

Data-Driven Plan Design Mitigates Risk of Opioid Abuse

When analyzing an employer's aggregate data within the Springbuk platform, a benefit advising team identified one of the greatest opportunities in the  population came from connecting opioid usage with mental health. Of the active population, Springbuk Insights uncovered:

  • 2% of all employees flagged as potential opiate abusers
  • When removing high-cost claimants (employees with >$100k spend in the past 12 months), the average spend for potential opiate abusers was four times the average spend of employees not at risk
  • 80% of employees at-risk for opioid abuse were also categorized with Orthopedic or Psychiatric conditions
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