Measure and Manage Your Health Claims Data

Health analytics provide the foundation to begin understanding your population's health trends and patterns. However, to identify your greatest cost-saving opportunities, you need the tools to dig deeper into your data. That's why we built the Springbuk Claims page to help you analyze and drill into specific medical and Rx claims that contribute to your overall spend.

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Deliver Accuracy and Understanding

Springbuk helps you and your team work from a single source of truth to monitor costs and manage programs with intuitive dashboard modules – because effective cost management starts with accurate measurement.

Drill Into Your Total Claims Spend Within a Specific Date Range

This filtering capability allows you to see and compare the breakdown of the medical spend vs. Rx spend over the current rolling 12 months.

Visualize a High-level View of Your Claims Spend

Use the interactive 12-month Trend Graph to see the spend for each month, as well as an overlaid budget trend line to easily identify if your claims spend is over or under budget.

Understand Your Group’s Spend Compared Year-Over-Year

The Recent vs. Previous Comparison Module displays where the largest spend is coming from within your population based on the 100 highest cost drugs and diagnoses for your population.

Extend Your Claims Analysis with Springbuk Advanced Reports

Our health data analytics platform also enables sophisticated analysis through Springbuk Advanced Reports. This offers you further flexibility, accessibility, and customization so you can make important data-driven decisions.

Stop-Loss Analysis

Visualize the impact of high-cost claimants, spec amount, and dates on your monthly spend.

High-Cost Claimant Overview

Analyze claimants by total percent of spend and demographic analysis, as well as top costing diagnoses and spending breakdown.

High-Cost Claimant Details

Assess details of spending distribution for medical and pharmacy spend and spec reimbursement.

Data-Driven Plan Design Mitigates Risk of Opioid Abuse

When analyzing an employer's aggregate data within the Springbuk platform, a benefit advising team identified one of the greatest opportunities in the  population came from connecting opioid usage with mental health. Of the active population, Springbuk Insights uncovered:

  • 2% of all employees flagged as potential opiate abusers
  • When removing high-cost claimants (employees with > $100k spend in the past 12 months), the average spend for potential opiate abusers was four times the average spend of employees not at risk
  • 80% of employees at-risk for opioid abuse were also categorized with Orthopedic or Psychiatric conditions
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