Quickly Analyze &
Understand the Conditions
Impacting Your Population

Your healthcare data holds a wealth of information that can help pinpoint the chronic conditions and unaddressed preventive measures impacting your workforce or clients' populations. However, data alone is not enough. The Springbuk Gaps in Care page consolidates this data and takes your analysis further by highlighting critical compliance gaps, steps to engage at-risk members, and potential savings opportunities if those gaps are addressed.

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Empowering a Proactive Healthcare Strategy

When you rely on carrier reports to drive engagement strategies, you're only seeing what has already happened. You're stuck looking backward while trying to contain current costs and predict future challenges. The Springbuk Gaps in Care page provides information about each member with a care gap and projects their cost for the next year, enabling a more proactive approach to benefits planning.

Take the Complexity Out of Healthcare Data

Quickly uncover opportunities to avoid unnecessary procedures and improve the efficiency of care.

Start Solving Tomorrow's Challenges Today

Identify at-risk populations to target preventive interventions and reduce the development of severe diseases.

Remove the Guesswork From Your Data Analysis

With a complete picture of your data, you can more effectively guide members to appropriate treatment and disease management resources.

Looking Beyond Participation Data to Guide Wellness Interventions

When reviewing the 2020 Healthiest Employers awards program data, 97% of applicants utilize participation data to prove a VOI on their wellness initiatives. But to get a complete picture of your population's health, you need to leverage all of the health benefits data available to you. In this webinar, hear from the 8th and 12th placed honorees from the 2020 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America as they discuss how they're going beyond participation data to assess the impact of their program and when to re-engage at-risk members.
To learn more about the methodology behind Healthiest Employers, watch the video below.

Putting Data to Work

Pulling in health data from various sources can feel like piecing together a never-ending puzzle. The Springbuk Gaps in Care page presents all the information you need at your fingertips, so you can meaningfully direct your resources and re-engage at-risk members in just a few steps:

Get a Grip on the Data

Population behaviors and needs shift, leverage your health data and insights in Springbuk to keep a pulse on which members may warrant an intervention to keep them on track.

Educate Your Population

Once you understand your compliance gaps, you can use this insight to craft your benefits strategy. This means that instead of blindly planning your wellness initiatives and educational programming, you can design them around actionable data.

Evaluate Your Vendors and Point Solutions

As you work to close the gaps in your population's care adherence, it may be time to explore options that can augment or replace your current vendors to improve your members' health outcomes.

Data-Driven Plan Design Mitigates Risk of Opioid Abuse

When analyzing an employer client’s aggregate data in Springbuk Insights™, a consulting team noticed a large compliance gap in mammogram screenings – only 66% of the population had completed this screening. In this client success story, learn how Springbuk empowered the consulting team and their client to:

  • Uncover the source of rising costs and provide an opportunity to re-engage employees
  • Track the success of new initiatives put in place with Springbuk Timeline
  • Be armed with the right information at the right time to prevent disease with data
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