Forecast costs, measure performance and improve health with confidence.

The leading health analytics software. Employers, brokers, and clinics count on Springbuk. Our health analytics and insights are as powerful as they are user-friendly.

Finally, a Complete View of your Population.

Employer populations change. Yet, health and well-being programs rely on yesterday’s data. A single view of employee, spouse and dependent health is now a reality. Imagine knowing where to invest in managing today’s costs, and how to optimize tomorrow’s health programs. Now you can with Springbuk’s health analytics software.

Employer Expertise

We’ve worked alongside 8,000 employers. Put our front-line expertise to work in your population.

Broker & Vendor Friendly

Springbuk arms your health management team by serving brokers, clinics and wellness vendors. With health data in a central place, everyone wins.

Simple Reporting

Queries. Wait times. Binders. Having fun yet? Springbuk delivers real-time insights, so you can focus less on reporting, and more on decisions.

360º View of Population

Springbuk gives you a complete view of your population, so you can optimize your program, engagement and health dollars.

Trends & Future Spend

Track your spend at aggregate and per member levels. The YTD spending is paired with financial forecasting, so you can take action today.

Secure & Compliant

The HIPAA compliant, cloud-based platform eliminates the risk and burden of managing sensitive data on legacy systems.

Employer Guide to Wearables 2.0: A Follow-up Review of Devices & Technology.

Get your copy to see which device ranked the highest and to learn how employers are measuring wearable technology.

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