A More Intelligent Solution

Beyond Health Analytics


Springbuk’s Health Intelligence helps you maximize your most valuable asset—your people—by identifying opportunities to direct your resources for the highest impact. Because in today's economy, employers can't afford not to care.

Say hello to Springbuk's leading-edge Health Intelligence platform. Learn how 3,000+ employers and consultants manage their investments in population health.

Beyond Health Analytics

Our curated insights, automated recommendations, and predictive forecasting are powered by clinical expertise through advanced machine learning and AI capabilities.

Putting Data to Work for People

Unlock the potential of data and maximize the return on value from your employee health investments. Securely aggregate, analyze, and act on your various data sources.

Better Insights, Better Support

Implement health intelligence with our support and services. From advanced data services and health strategy, to ongoing implementation and training, we have you covered.

Springbuk’s Health Intelligence provides curated action steps, allowing you to deliver plans and programs that match your organization's needs — helping you identify opportunities to focus and measure your investment.

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Healthcare costs are rising. So is the pressure to maximize the value of your investment and measure your health management strategy. Springbuk is built upon an unmatched understanding of the employer. By working alongside 10,000 companies, our Health Intelligence platform is built for today’s health-minded organizations.


Employers count on you to help navigate the changing benefits landscape, all while containing costs and designing plans to improve health. Lead the way with a platform that helps you gain efficiencies, advise with accuracy, measure results, and plan for what’s ahead. When your clients experience Health Intelligence, you win.