Healthcare costs are rising. Together, we’re fighting back.

Springbuk’s Health Intelligence software is equipping benefits consultants and employers nationwide to reduce healthcare costs. Learn why over 1,000 employers have adopted Springbuk.

Intelligent Health Analytics Software, Built For Employers

You don’t need more data, you need better direction. Springbuk adds intelligence to our powerful health analytics software by providing actionable insights to every stakeholder in your population health ecosystem.

Unify Data

We consume your medical claims, Rx claims, onsite clinic data, biometric screening data, and more, all to ensure that you’re able to get a full view of your entire population’s health.

Simplify Reporting

Springbuk delivers real-time insights, so you can focus less on reporting, and more on making decisions to impact health costs and outcomes.

Forecast Costs

Now you can forecast next year’s health spending based on your population’s claims data and measure the potential impact of specific health interventions.

Discover Insights

We provide actionable insights into your population’s health. This means that you’re never stuck asking “so what?” or “now what?” when looking at a report.

Take Meaningful Action

We also partner with leading employee engagement platforms in order to provide you with “end-to-end” population health management solutions.

Ask An Expert

Our team of health strategists are here to help you take your population health management strategy to the next level.

Technology and the Future of Benefit Plan Design

We cover the evolution of the plan design process and demonstrate how emerging technology has made it easier to provide clients with a world-class experience.

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