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Predictive Modeling and Forecasting

Springbuk uses predictive modeling and forecasting to help you get ahead of disease and identify future cost drivers.

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Advanced Data Science Technology

Our solution helps you pinpoint at-risk members, forecast potential illnesses, and understand your unique cost trends — enabling smarter strategies, plans, programs, and budgets.

Our Health Intelligence Solutions

Answer Your Benefits Questions Instantly

With Springbuk Answers™, a curated search tool, you have the power of skilled data scientists and clinical experts right at your fingertips.

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Easily Uncover Top Cost Drivers

Springbuk Insights™ uses complex algorithms to identify populations that present an opportunity for cost savings or intervention. Insights cards present information to implement strategies to take action and track improvement over time.

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Track Changes in Your Population Over Time

Springbuk Timeline™ helps you see and tell the story of the interventions that have driven the greatest impact for your population’s health.

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See it in Action

Let us show you how Springbuk can equip you with deeper insights, smarter healthcare decision-making, and better strategic direction.

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The Building Blocks of Health Intelligence

To achieve actionable health intelligence, we have to start with the fundamental building blocks: health analytics. Springbuk's numerous health analytics tools provide you the information and framework to start identifying trends and opportunities that exist within your population.

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