Employee Health Trends 2024

Unlock the keys to a thriving, productive workforce with our Employee Health Trends report. This resource reveals actionable insights into the evolving landscape of workplace well-being. Meticulously researched and expertly analyzed, it explores the latest challenges, opportunities, and need-to-know trends shaping employee health.

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5 in 1,000 members are likely to have total paid over $144,000, with 1 in 5 members likely to exceed $342,000

- Over half of the high-cost claimants who met at least the $100,000 cost threshold were high-cost claimants in the prior year
- A higher proportion of women are in the lower-cost categories, while higher-cost categories have a higher proportion of men

Almost 1 in 5 brand name scripts exceeded $1,000
and about 1 in 2 exceeded $500

- The average plan paid per script for brand-name maintenance drugs has increased by over 51%, from $470 to $711 
- 4 out of 10 conditions driving spend (diabetes, obesity, migraine headache, ADHD) are driven almost entirely by brand-name drugs

Overall plan paid for members treated for obesity increase by 40%, with drug spend surging by 138%

- Two-thirds of this spending is now on GLP-1 agonists like Wegovy and Ozempic
- Use of newer GLP-1 drugs has rapidly increased but still only 6% of potentially eligible members receive them
- This suggests that there is potential for a large increase in members taking these drugs among the remaining 94% of potentially eligible members

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