Simplified Analysis for
Benefits Leaders

Analytics Navigator handles complex data processing and visualization, enabling in-depth exploration without advanced technical skills:

⟩ Explore multi-level analyses through interactive drill-down capabilities

⟩ Access intuitive guidance to analyze drivers of spend, trends, and utilization

⟩ Effortlessly find answers and export views for stakeholder presentations

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Comprehensive Metrics for
Faster, Informed Decision-Making

Gain deeper insights on recommended actions, with easily accessible data analysis for condition management, drug management, and financial risk.

Conditions Navigator

Explore health conditions within your employee population:
⟩ Analyze demographic breakdowns (age, gender, relationship types)
⟩ Identify opportunities for targeted wellness programs

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Specialty Drugs Navigator

Get a high-level summary of specialty drug utilization:
⟩ Compare current vs. prior period spend and utilization trends
⟩ Review key performance indicators (PMPM, paid per script, paid per day supply)
⟩ Identify cost-saving opportunities in drug management

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Utilization Navigator

Understand what services are driving utilization and spend trends:
⟩ Analyze current vs. prior period spend and utilization trends
⟩ Identify high-level components of trends for strategic plan adjustments

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