Analysis Made Easy

Analytics Navigator handles the complex tasks of using warehouse data and creating visualizations, eliminating the need for advanced technical skills for in-depth data exploration.

⟩  Explore multiple levels of analysis through interactive and dynamic drill-path capabilities
Access intuitive platform-based guidance toanalyze drivers of spend, trend, & utilization
⟩  Identify trends that are important to you
and dig further into areas of interest
⟩  Effortlessly find answers and downloadviews
directly into presentation formats

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Access More Metrics, Data Points, and Visualizations to Answer More Questions Faster

Get deeper insights on recommended actions, including pre-defined, easily drillable data analysis around action items such as condition management, drug management, and financial risk.

Conditions Navigator

Explore conditions within your population of interest with a demographic overview.
How many members are included in the population?
What are the age, gender, and relationship types of these members?

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Specialty Drugs Navigator

Overview Page presents a high-level summary of your members’ specialty drug utilization, across various metrics.
Check current versus prior period spend and utilization trends
Review key performance indicators like PMPM, paid per script, paid per day supply

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Utilization Navigator

Service Classification Dashboard presents a high-level summary of what services are driving the utilization and spend trend(s) within your member population.
Check current versus prior period spend and utilization trends
Identify high-level components of trend

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