Cutting-Edge Methodologies Optimize Speed to Value

The Springbuk Intelligence Engine™ consists of tools that give Springbuk the ability to directly consume data allowing us to run multi-source data on-demand with increased flexibility and visibility. Our Intelligence Engine assures that the data our clients view in the Springbuk platform has the integrity to represent the true story of their population’s health.

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Springbuk Intelligence Engine

Data mapping is a large part of the Springbuk Data Pipeline. Any file Springbuk receives from a benefits vendor or carrier is mapped to a matching field in the Springbuk Data Warehouse.

Flexible Integration

Upon receipt of all data for a client, whether it be medical claims, RX claims, biometrics, lab values, etc., these files are validated through a raw check to ensure all necessary data components are present to begin mapping

Ingest and Normalize

Our robust mapping and normalization rules inspect the contents of the fields sent to us and assess the quality of the raw data files delivered by the health benefits vendor.


Enrichment of the data takes place by incorporating industry-standard episode grouping, risk grouping, and evidence-based medicine. Then we go deeper to further enrich the data using proprietary Springbuk data science methodologies.

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Our Intelligence Engine was built for the healthcare data demands today and influencing health data processing in the future – so you can drive intelligent, actionable insights that provide an optimized impact for your population for years to come.

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Your Data Can Be Flexible and Agile

Our Intelligence Engine was built from the ground up to manage our clients’ data in a flexible, secure, and high-performance manner. We take advantage of cloud technologies so that our data pipeline is completely modern, and can handle the demands of healthcare data today, but is ready to influence the way healthcare data is processed in the future.

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