Better Insights, Better Support, Better Guidance

Springbuk’s Analytic and Strategic Consulting (ASC) team is ready to enable you with guidance on population health programs, trend analysis, and strategic planning.

Strategy Expertise at Your Fingertips

In addition to the Springbuk health data analytics platform, our experienced team of experts can help advise and support you with any custom reporting needs, data analysis, visualizations, or strategy recommendations.

Need an expert to help guide your plan design decisions?

With Springbuk Analytic and Strategic Consulting, you have access to clinicians, health analytic consultants, and data scientists to help guide your benefits decisions.

Curious if there are any hidden opportunities in your data?

We'll help you uncover the trends and opportunities that are worth your attention, coupled with industry trends that you may have not noticed.

Are your programs meeting your workforce's shifting needs?

Our team offers additional support to help guide you through actionable insights and understand the true needs of your employee population.

Need to tailor your monthly benefits reporting?

The ASC team is here to help you create reports that add a layer of customization and highlight the metrics or program progress that are the most important to you.

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Analytic and Strategic Consulting + Advanced Reporting

Springbuk Advanced Reporting module helps analysts add more depth and insight through robust, easy to understand reports. This provides you with access to the raw data to slice, dice, and build custom reports in a more traditional data warehouse environment offering you further flexibility, accessibility, and customization needed to make important data-driven decisions.

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Laptop with Springbuk Report Builder

Make Confident, Data-Driven Benefits Vendor Selections

A consulting firm had been actively working with their client’s Health and Wellness Committee to justify the cost for a wellness vendor but lacked the data sets needed to receive buy-in. In this client success story, learn how Springbuk empowered the firm and their client to:

  • Build a custom risk factor analysis that included metrics around gaps in care and the Springbuk proprietary financial forecast and risk scoring models.
  • Report on various compliance gaps and opportunities to mitigate the risk of future disease.
  • Be armed with the right information to implement a wellness vendor and begin building a 3-year wellness strategy that would become more robust each year.
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