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Through the Activate partner marketplace, we are pioneering a new era in health management, where data-driven insights meet individualized care.

Activate is entirely data-driven – only the programs that qualify using the employers’ underlying data, such as medical claims or drug claims, are displayed. Springbuk Health Intelligence™ has always given you the capability to identify opportunities for population health management, risk management, and cost containment.

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Springbuk Activate matches employers with potential partners based on their population’s health needs, showing them potential opportunities in savings and program engagement.

After using Springbuk Insights™ to uncover actionable opportunities, now you can turn to Activate to answer the question “Who or what can help me manage the opportunities that Springbuk has identified?”

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Springbuk Activate takes you from insight to action.

Activate connects data-driven insights from the Springbuk platform and matches employers and benefits leaders with potential partners to support their population's health needs, enhance risk mitigation, and contain costs – all in one place. 

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