Employee Health Trends Report 2024

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Employee Health Trends 2024

In this on-demand webinar, our team explores they health trends they’ve uncovered in our aggregate data of over 5,600 employers to bring you actionable insights that can transform the way you approach healthcare for your population. Throughout the presentation, they cover topics including:

  • Unmasking the Ongoing Trend Drivers of High-cost Claimants
  • Analyzing Rx Costs for Actionable Insights
  • Empowering Change: Taking Action with Obesity Analysis
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2024 On-Demand Webinar

Employee Health Trends 2024

Pressed for time but still curious about this year's health trends? Check out the Executive Summary, your express ticket to staying in the know.

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Confronting the Workplace Obesity Epidemic: A $1.72 Trillion Challenge

In an article published by BenefitsPRO, Jennifer Jones explores the pervasive issue of workplace obesity, stressing its detrimental effects on employee health, productivity, and employer healthcare costs. With adult obesity rates surpassing 40% in the U.S., employers are confronted with a significant crisis.

Jones advocates for a multifaceted approach, including leveraging health data analytics, providing access to evidence-based treatments, and prioritizing prevention efforts. By integrating these strategies, employers can mitigate the impacts of obesity and improve workforce well-being.

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