Integrated Analytics

Today's employers need access to all types of data to inform their benefits strategies. That's why we've woven integrated analytics into our platform.

At its core, integrated analytics consolidates data from multiple sources, providing a unified view. This holistic perspective tells a different story than medical and pharmacy claims alone, empowering you to guide clients toward smarter decisions.

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Benefits of Integrated Analytics

As we integrate additional data sources beyond medical, pharmacy, and eligibility, a world of opportunity opens up for employers and benefits advisors.

Springbuk has identified six key areas where integrated analytics synthesizes multi-source data, enabling you to piece together a comprehensive view:

Health & Productivity Evaluation

Combining medical, pharmacy, disability, workers' compensation, and leave data can uncover relationships between healthcare costs, utilization, and employee productivity.

Enriched Risk Assessment

Incorporating ancillary data into predictive models enriches risk assessment and aids in developing new strategies.

Program Evaluation & Optimization

Determine client needs, identify eligible members, conduct outreach for care management programs, and evaluate their impact using integrated data.

Data-Driven Benefits Strategy

Inform benefit plan selections by understanding which options best support employee health and productivity based on integrated data.

Comprehensive Cost Analysis

Evaluate the total cost of providing benefits, including claims, premiums, administrative fees, and program costs at employer and employee/member levels.

Financial Well-Being Insights

Combining payroll, HSA/FSA, and 401K data with health analytics can help tailor benefits based on employees' economic needs.

Back the Future with Integrated Analytics

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Integrated analytics is the ability to deliver intelligence that harnesses multiple data sources. It merges all of your data and information together so you can make smarter, more informed decisions.

In this blog, Nicole Belles, VP of Product at Springbuk, discusses how COVID-19 drove innovation and propelled us several years into the future and why now – more than ever – it is important for employers to have access to all types of data to inform their benefits strategies

Are You Ready for Health Intelligence?

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We’d like to introduce you to Springbuk’s Health Intelligence™ platform, a smarter solution for determining plan design decisions, making program selections confidently, and tracking metrics that highlight the success of benefits initiatives.

More than a data warehouse, more than an analytics solution, health intelligence puts your data to work, giving employers and benefits advisors alike deep, immediate insights they need to sharpen strategies, improve health, and contain costs.