A More Intelligent Partnership: Rightway + Springbuk

Healthcare data can be complex.

We believe that through Springbuk and Rightway’s expertise and support, you are empowered to address the goals of improving population health and decreasing overall healthcare costs.

After using Springbuk to identify cohorts that need the most improvements, Rightway will intervene with tailored care navigation programs. By tracking cohorts over time and aligning the data with claims information, you'll get the true picture of improved outcomes while lowering your healthcare spend.

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Maximize the Impact of Your Health Benefits

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Diagnose Key Cohorts

Leverage Springbuk Insights™, which generates actionable strategies and predicts members at-risk of conditions, to identify key cohorts with the greatest savings potential and opportunity for impact.

Design a Plan To Target Key Cohorts

Utilizing insight from the Springbuk platform, Rightway’s dedicated clinical guides will develop a customized plan to engage key cohorts.

Develop Custom Metrics

After setting your plan design in place, the team at Rightway will collaborate with you to begin developing metrics to track cohort engagement and third-party referrals within the Springbuk platform.

Engage Key Cohorts And Drive Action

To keep members on track, the Rightway team will proactively engage and navigate key cohorts – and support all other members of the population.

Report On Engagement And Outcomes

To help demonstrate navigation engagement and impact, the Rightway team will work with you to develop quarterly reporting.

Delivering Impact: Proven Value for Employers and Members

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15% Reduction in total spend for employers

13% Cost reduction for highest utilizers of care

26% Lower costs for members managing a chronic condition