A More Intelligent Partnership: Included Health + Springbuk

Helping Employers Take the Next Step to Connect Members to the Care They Need

To maximize the impact of your health benefits investment, you need the tools to identify opportunities and meaningfully direct your resources efficiently. Through Springbuk and Expert Medical Opinions powered by Included Health, we believe that you are empowered to address the goals of improving population health and decreasing overall healthcare costs.

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Let's take a deeper look at how Included Health and Springbuk work together:

Diagnose Members to Engage with Included Health

Leverage Springbuk Insights™, which generates actionable strategies and predicts members at-risk of conditions, to identify key members with the greatest opportunity for impact.

Quickly organize your opportunities with unique categories in Insights:

Risk Mitigation Care, Efficiency Drug Savings, Steerage Procedures, Potentially Unnecessary Procedures

Easily target prevalent high-cost conditions with Included Health:

Musculoskeletal, Gastrointestinal, Cardiology, Respiratory, Nervous System

Design Plans to Target and Engage Identified Members

Utilizing insight from the Springbuk platform, Included Health will develop customized outreach to engage members based on intervention opportunities. Included Health’s EMO solution can help members get expert opinions across all conditions backed by wrap-around support from on-staff clinician-led Care Team.

Measure Engagement for Ongoing Success

To keep members on track, the Included Health team will proactively monitor enrolled member’s engagement to ensure the greatest impact.

For customers, Included Health has been able to deliver:

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$9800 average savings per expert opinion

90% 2-year adherence rate to EMO recommendations

67% change in treatment recommendations after expert opinion (with or without change in diagnosis)