Are You Ready for Health Intelligence?

It’s no secret: employers are looking for resources and tactics to maximize the investment they’ve made in their most valuable resource - their people.

But to do so requires you to use all the data at your disposal to optimize your plan and understand what employees truly need.

We’d like to introduce you to the Springbuk Health Intelligence™ platform, a smarter solution for determining plan design decisions, making program selections confidently, and tracking metrics that highlight the success of benefits initiatives.

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If you’re ready to put your data to work, below are five questions to ask and help your organization understand if you’re ready to begin the road from just having data to actionable health intelligence.

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1. Are data-driven plan designs a priority for your organization?

If your organization is ready to take the guesswork out of your population's needs, it might be time to adopt health intelligence.

2. Are you searching for actionable insights to select impactful programs?

If your organization is ready to make program selections with ease – and have data-driven guidance to make the most impactful decisions – Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform might be the solution you’re looking for.

3. Do you need a way to measure the impact of your programs more efficiently?

If your organization is ready to move away from manual reports and relying on third parties, you’re ready for a more intelligent solution like Springbuk’s Health Intelligence platform.

4. Benefits landscapes are changing. Do you have the tools to adapt?

If your organization is ready to take an innovative approach that could help you solve multiple problems at once, using data from multiple sources, it’s time for health intelligence.

5. Are you looking to use social determinant data to advance health equity?

If your organization is ready to take a holistic approach to address the factors that contribute to social determinants and advance health equity in your population, it’s time for health intelligence.

Actionable Insight for Every Employer

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Employers implementing health intelligence are reaping the benefits of targeted engagement, cost management, and actionable next steps - all the while knowing where to target their spend with pinpoint accuracy. Leveraging data-driven direction is allowing everyday people – not just database wizards – to uncover key insights and, most importantly, take action.

Health intelligence allows you to move away from:

You have a data warehouse, you just need to get something intelligent out of it.

You’re looking for ways to tailor your benefits packages, but you don't know where to start.

You have data, but you’re not a data analyst - you lack the resources to interpret benefits data.