Maximize Program Impact, Minimize Costs

Unlock Value Faster with Springbuk's All-Inclusive Solution

To maximize the impact of your health benefits investment, you need the tools to efficiently identify opportunities and meaningfully direct your resources.

Quickly understand the needs of your population and receive curated action steps with Springbuk's automated insights – allowing you to deliver plans and programs that meet your members where they are in their health journey.

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What Sets the Springbuk Health Intelligence Platform Apart?

Data Security

Springbuk holds the HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year Certification, the highest standard of information protection certifications. In addition, Springbuk has achieved third-party validated SOC 2 Type 2 compliance for the sixth year in a row.

Immediate Actionable Insights

Springbuk Insights™ enables users to understand the biggest opportunities for a population immediately, so you can focus on solving the problems and demonstrating the value of your work.

Pricing Model

Springbuk offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with subscription-based pricing on a per employee, per month (PEPM) basis, which includes annual consulting hours with our Analytic & Strategic Consulting (ASC) Team in the fee. Our fees typically range from 0.04%-0.06% of total annual Medical and Rx claims spend.

Secure Share

Springbuk’s Secure Share provides end users with direct access to health benefits data, that has been cleansed and enriched by Springbuk, using the visualization tool that you prefer.

Integrated Analytics

Springbuk integrates all of your data – from medical, Rx, disability, insurance premiums, HSA/FSA, 401(k), and more into one place, then layers on insights to provide direction in a unified, single view.

Innovation has been, and will continue to be, at the core of everything we do at Springbuk.

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Now is the time to empower employers, worksite clinics, and digital health partners to identify the right benefit programs and participants to maximize the investment in their population health management systems.

Usability for All Users

Springbuk is built for all users, from the the benefits leaders who need an executive dashboard of key performance indicators to advisors and analysts who prefer analyzing raw data in tables.

Increased Efficiencies for Data-informed Direction

A key part of our job is ensuring we provide the transparency, knowledge, and quality checks our clients need to quickly take action off of complex, multi-sourced data.

Extend Your Reporting Capabilities

Build powerful reports quickly from existing data to inform plan design decisions, monthly reporting, and risk analysis to make data-driven decisions with confidence.