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Discover 5 Common Mistakes Made While Designing Interventions


The Data-agnostic Approach to Successful Initiatives

Targeted interventions — whether developed by employers, brokers, oroutside consultants designing these interventions — represent an excitingfrontier of shaping employees’ health behaviors to become healthier,happier, and more engaged at work.

In this e-book, Springbuk’s health intelligence experts identify five common mistakes and how to avoid them when designing wellness interventions.

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Learn About Upcoming Humira Cost-saving Opportunities


Are You Ready to Take Advantage of Them?

With over $16 billion in sales in 2020, the biologic drug Humira (adalimumab) remains far and away the top-selling drug by dollars in the United States. A “patent thicket” of over 100 patents has thwarted competitor drugs from coming to market. But now, at least six Humira biosimilars will finally enter the market in 2023.In this infographic, we highlight actions you can take now to develop and implement strategies that will lead to higher adoption rates of Humira biosimilars.


Discover Strategies to Apply Social Determinant Data


6 Data-Informing Strategies for Social Determinants of Health

As employers move forward looking to understand ways they can address the needs of their population, we see the need to move from standard plan and behavior modification programs to larger well-being initiatives and those that address the root causes of underlying conditions.
Springbuk is uniquely positioned to lead our clients with an understanding of how community and individual needs affect their unique member population. We have identified six key categories where data related to individual and social determinants can be instrumental in designing impactful population health strategies.


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