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Springbuk Answers™, a curated search tool, instantly provides intelligent results to your most important business questions. Answers equips you to make more informed, more impactful decisions – faster.

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With a simple search, you can instantly receive your answer with benchmark comparisons, and curated questions and topics.

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Dive deeper in your search with related questions – a guided search that provides the answers you will need to drive results.

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Not sure what you should be asking? Browse by suggested topics based on your data and the knowledge of experts.

Using Springbuk Answers and Insights to Save on Prescription Drug Costs

When we initially launched Springbuk Insights™, which is our first health intelligence product that helps you identify actionable opportunities within your data, our clients were so excited that we could so easily identify the biggest areas of opportunity. What we heard almost right away was that this was so valuable, but they really wanted additional supporting information to help drive that decision.

So for example, if you're interested in learning more about brand name drug use and whether there are opportunities for steering to generic alternatives, you might start out in ‘answers’ to understand the overall rates of brand drug use, and which ones are at the top of your list for your group.

Then you might go over to ‘insights’ to discover which ones have generic alternatives readily available so you can figure out potential savings and particular groups you might want to create incentives for a program.

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While Answers already provides a guided, curated search that predicts what answers you will need at your fingertips to drive results, the MarketScan benchmarking integration in Answers enhances that experience by adding a national comparison in several high-value questions.
Health Intelligence

Deliver Intelligent, Actionable Insights

Springbuk Answers quickly presents the answer to your question with benchmark comparisons. Then, leveraging advanced health intelligence, Answers provides related topics and questions that empower you to drive action and results. With this solution, you have the ability to:

  • Receive answers quickly to important questions within your population’s health that would have previously taken hours to uncover

  • Discover what’s driving population costs and see curated related questions

  • Identify the top providers for various services and compare spend to make informed decisions

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