Intelligence At Your Fingertips

"The Springbuk Health Intelligence Engine was built from the ground up to manage our client’s data in a flexible, secure, and high-performance manner. It assures that the data our clients view in the Springbuk platform has the integrity to represent the true story of their population’s health and help them strategically design and manage employee benefits – unifying plans, programs, and results across a population." - Roger Deetz, VP of Technology

Recently, Roger sat down with CIO Applications to dive deeper into how Springbuk is helping drive better health investments and decisions with data.

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Make Decisions with Speed and Confidence

“Almost everything about our architecture is automated and self-healing. The Springbuk Intelligence Engine allows us to iterate incredibly quickly. That speed of iteration allows us to be very responsive to customer issues and innovate at a fast pace.” - Roger Deetz

Springbuk’s cloud-based technologies and data science add speed and automation to securely process, normalize, enrich, and visualize your data. Our focus is to get the data processed as efficiently as possible to drive intelligent, actionable insights that deliver an optimized impact for you.

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