Turning Data into Direction

Brokers and employers who are serious about population health management have uncovered a simple truth: If you want to have a meaningful impact, carrier reports and traditional data warehouses don’t cut it. Our Health Intelligence platform efficiently and effectively provides visibility and insights into your population’s health. Through quick, easy-to-find answers and custom reporting, Health Intelligence does the heavy lifting for you. Instead of waiting months to see what’s working, you can uncover meaningful insights and use them to make data-driven decisions with your wellness budget and benefits plan. Now, you don’t need to be data experts to be an expert on your data.

Built to help you spend less time getting the information you need, the Springbuk platform helps you work from a single source of truth. It delivers the visibility businesses need to assess performance, monitor costs, and manage programs — because effective cost management starts with accurate measurement. The right platform eliminates busywork like manual reporting and frees your team’s resources to focus on what matters most: driving lasting improvements in the health of your employees.

Client Spotlight: Data in action

In one case, a Broker came to Springbuk asking to identify cost savings for their client. Before Springbuk, the Broker relied on carrier reports for annual renewal, or wouldn’t have sufficient information, and would go into conversations blind. A specific pain point was around pharmacy – whether generic options were available. The broker didn’t have time to do the research to go in-depth into these types of questions. Springbuk’s Health Intelligence highlighted the top drugs by spend. Through additional research done by Springbuk’s clinical and industry experts, we highlighted the top drugs by spend and shared the generic drugs recently released. In addition, we provided the drugs not currently covered by insurance.

To read the full use case, click here to download.