Curating Benefits for the Future

Recently, Rod Reasen sat down with The UpTech Report to discuss some of the challenges presented by the healthcare market.

As a consultant who helped companies navigate the healthcare market, Rod has seen these difficulties first hand. “That process we found was fraught with lack of information, lack of data, and almost a perverse incentivization in the market,” Rod shared.

Throughout the conversation, Rod dives into how over the years, he realized if he could equip organizations with an intuitive solution, they could make better decisions to advance employee health and contain costs.

Listen to the Conversation

Rod Reasen, CEO and Founder

Rod Reasen is the CEO of Springbuk, a health data analytics solution with a vision to prevent disease with data. Before launching Springbuk, Rod founded and scaled a fee-based benefits consulting firm into one of the largest in the Midwest when it was acquired by a publicly-traded firm in 2010.

In 2009, he launched the nationally recognized Healthiest Employers® award program that has recognized thousands of employers at the top healthiest workplaces across America. From those learnings, Rod dreamed of a day where employers could make the best-unencumbered decisions using data. That passion drove him to co-found Springbuk, which now represents more than 4,000 employers including hundreds of household brands. His energy is contagious and the world is benefiting from his vision to disrupt healthcare.