We've worked at a rapid pace to extend a hand to our customers, our team, and our community with resources to navigate the uncertainty. We believe that if we work through this together, we can help empower all parties to protect our greatest asset: our people.


Our goal from the beginning has been to equip employers and consultants with the action and intelligence to make data-driven decisions. As information became available, we began analyzing the data to understand how we could arm our community to act.

The result: a webinar series highlighting the developments, impacts, and trickle-down effects of COVID-19. During these events, we've heard from our Lead Clinical Scientist, Dr. Janet Young M.D., our Sr. Director of Health Strategy, Jennifer Jones, and industry experts Brock Anderson, Dr. Thomas Fariss, and Lisa Uthgenannt.

Together, they've cut through the noise and equipped our community with the strategy to navigate the pandemic – today and over the coming months. Below, you'll find replays from our webinar series:


As more data became available, our team began identifying the impact COVID-19 could have on employers' populations, and how we could use the data in our platform to assist consultants and employers.

In a matter of days, together, our team created a COVID-19-specific Insights category. This intelligence will help our customers identify members who are at higher risk for more severe complications if they were to contract COVID-19. We're offering these insights to customers, free of charge, for 60 days.

"Every decision we make is made with the employee in mind," said Rod Reasen, Springbuk Co-founder and CEO. "Our hope is that the products we have built, the data we leverage, and the actions we take, help create a healthier community — for organizations and individuals."


With computers, monitors, and processes in hand, on March 16th, Springbuk shifted to a remote workforce. While we’re not sitting next to each other at our desks or taking a walk through the Circle City to grab lunch, together, we’re making up for it through Zoom meetings, town halls, and Slack messages.

Our hope is that you and your organization can benefit from some of what we’ve learned over the last month.

Every day, on average, our organization sends over 6,000 Slack messages. It starts each morning with a ‘water cooler’ question in our #general channel, including, “What’s your favorite snack while you’ve been working from home?” or “Where is your #1 place to travel?” With 40+ replies to every question and conversation threads going on well into the afternoon, over the past three weeks, our team has proved there’s power in a connected community.

"Going to a fully remote workforce has been an adjustment for all team members, especially those with young children or those sharing workspace with others. Springbuk has done an excellent job of keeping our team connected with regular all-company meetings where we can get our questions answered, daily water cooler questions to mimic in-person office life, and daily exec team check-ins to make sure we are doing all we can for our team." - Nicole Bickett, VP of People

Now more than ever, our organization has prioritized all of us coming together on a regular basis. Springbuk has met via Zoom twice a week for “Town Hall” meetings, and we’ve kept our standing monthly Breakfast Clubs and Lunch Bunches. During our town halls, we hear from leaders on any real-time updates made throughout the week and have a friendly competition to see who has the most creative Zoom background. In our monthly Breakfast Clubs and Lunch Bunches, we get to hear from each team within the organization, as they share their wins, opportunities, and focuses for the coming months. However, the real stars of our remote Zoom meetings are our team’s little ones and furry friends.

We know that the only way to get through this is together. While we all miss the human interaction of the office each day, the actions we’re taking are helping create a healthier community — for us all be together in again soon.