Among the key findings, based on Springbuk's Health Intelligence platform of over 2,500 organizations, the data reveals that nearly 1 in 5 people (19%) have a mental health condition. The average monthly costs of medical and prescription claims for these members is more than twice that of those without a mental health condition. The data also shows that 3.3% of employees are at high risk for opioid abuse, with those who work in government, construction, not-for-profit/religious organizations, and healthcare/wellness organizations even more likely to be at risk.

"Understanding health trends data on this scale can help employers optimize their investments in benefits and improve employee health and the employee experience," Springbuk co-founder Phil Daniels said. "By zooming out and looking at the whole person, employers can adapt their benefits strategies to accommodate holistic, preventive healthcare."

The Employee Health Trends 2020 report also revealed some other key insights, including:

  • Members with a mental health condition are two times more likely to classify as a "high-cost claimant" — a member with at least $50,000 in claims
  • 69% of employees with a mental health condition also have a chronic condition
  • Some chronic conditions, such as orthopedic and gastrointestinal issues, can lead to a higher risk of opioid abuse (6x more likely for those with one of these conditions)

Springbuk recommends that employers understand how their organizations compare against benchmarking data to get a comprehensive understanding of their employee health needs to design proactive, effective benefits plans.

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