AI-based Insights, Guided Direction, and User-friendly Interface Keys in the Selection 

WESTMONT, N.J., Aug. 25, 2022 -- As the number of health benefits point solutions proliferates and healthcare costs continue to rise, large employers are seeking innovative ways to contain costs, monitor program effectiveness, and improve employee health. To address this need, the Health Transformation Alliance (HTA), a cooperative of more than 60 of America’s largest employers, has partnered with Springbuk, a leading health data analytics software company, to make the Springbuk health intelligence data and analytics platform available to all the HTA members.

"Since the HTA's founding in 2016, our mission has been to drive better health outcomes for our Members’ employees and their family members," said Robert Andrews, CEO of the HTA. “One of those challenges in recent years has been accessing the insights needed from healthcare and wellness program data. Today’s benefit leaders and decision makers need insights and data intelligence without having to learn how to build deep, complex queries.”

Andrews continued, “Our Members were impressed by the deep analytics and clean, user-friendly interface of the Springbuk platform. Springbuk will give us the ability to aggregate data for HTA Members on the solution, and then find and share insights, analytics, benchmarks, and best practices across our Member organizations.”

Andrews further explained how the HTA Member can use advanced analytics to reduce costs and plan future programs. For example, using Springbuk’s AI-based Insight cards, the HTA benefits leaders can see how many employees might be at risk for diabetes or musculoskeletal (MSK) issues and compare that to other HTA organizations. Or, as new legislation appears that may affect members, the HTA organizations will be able to project how it will affect them, how many members will be impacted, and how best they can serve them.

Springbuk works with more than 4200 employers, pulling in and aggregating data from more than 450 carriers, PBMs, and other vendor sources, to deliver analytic insights and curated action steps to health benefits leaders. Springbuk will develop custom reports and other functionality through this agreement to create a differentiated experience for the HTA Members.

Joy Powell, CEO of Springbuk, said, “We support the HTA members’ vision of transforming healthcare. At Springbuk, we equip forward-thinking employers with the health intelligence, insights, and expertise to sharpen their benefits strategy, advance employee health, and contain costs. We believe the key to successful transformation and innovation lies in making healthcare decisions backed and guided by data. We are excited to bring these capabilities to the HTA’s full membership and work with them on developing new and innovative analytic capabilities.”

About Springbuk

Springbuk is a leading-edge health analytics intelligence platform that empowers employers and consultants to sharpen their benefits strategy, advance employee health, and contain costs. The innovative solution offers deep analytic insights, allows data-informed decision-making, and provides curated action steps and strategic direction to maximize return on employee benefit investments. Learn more at

About Health Transformation Alliance

The Health Transformation Alliance (HTA) is a cooperative of 60 of America's leading employers that have come together to fix our broken healthcare system. With responsibility for more than 4 million lives in the United States and a collective annual health care spend of $27 billion, the member companies of the HTA have combined their resources, knowledge, and experience to transform the way healthcare is delivered. To that end, the HTA has developed value-driven solutions in data and analytics, pharmacy, medical and consumer engagement specifically designed to improve patient care and economic value.