As I reflect on my career, and each stepping stone that paved my path, I realized that I have always been drawn to the use of technologies to solve problems and improve consumers’ lives by bringing efficiencies and widening access.

Back when I joined Keane Incorporated, my focus was on software development in banking. Online banking was taking off and solving problems we could never have imagined. Consumers were becoming more independent in their banking, removing the barriers and time constraints we all had become accustomed to. During these years, I saw firsthand how a strong product could scale and lead to solutions that would one day shape future tools.

When the time came to move to Nashville, a new city also brought a new industry. I took the plunge into healthcare, and after a few different consulting positions, I joined Take Care Health, a division of Walgreens. Take Care Health managed clinics in Walgreen’s retail locations and onsite health centers at employer locations. I was energized by advancing these product offerings that could remove barriers for consumers and make care more accessible.

My team and I worked daily with our business partners to ideate, develop, and maintain clinic, patient, and mobile solutions aligned to the Walgreen’s strategy. Our guiding compass was, “How can we leverage technology to increase the availability and improve the affordability of healthcare? How can we create a solution that will help improve the lives of our consumers?”

I’ve found that if you want to create real change in an industry, you have to constantly be learning. And that’s what I love about healthcare – there is still so much to learn. Healthcare is a large market, and that large space gives us new opportunities around every corner. For example, when I was working through Walgreen’s onsite clinics’ development, the team saw an opportunity to increase capture rates and employee patients’ health via a self-service patient portal. While ahead of its time, the portal enabled patients to schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, see lab results, and communicate with their providers online.

If I were to write a book about my favorite project, it would be the Patient Portal. But it isn’t because of how quickly we were able to deliver it. It’s the fact that we launched a new solution in record time and that the early iteration of it was able to scale, grow, and meet the changing needs of our consumers. This solution was able to provide so much value and positive impact to patients in a way we’d never been able to before. At the end of the day, we were using technology to make people’s lives easier, and hopefully better.

When I first heard of Springbuk’s mission - to prevent disease with data - it instantly caught my attention. I believe we’re in a moment where the industry is ready to use data and technology to improve health outcomes. The idea of using data to prevent disease got me excited about the opportunity, but what sealed the deal was the strength of the team. Everyone at Springbuk is mission-driven, and together, I believe we’re going to create incredible tools that help improve individuals’ lives.