Health Intelligence: More than Health Analytics.

Healthcare Analytics is evolving. We believe employers don’t need more data, they need better direction. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain and introducing you to Health Intelligence. More than a data warehouse, more than an analytics solution, Health Intelligence provides a smarter solution for measuring the impact of your investment by putting your data to work for you and your people.

Health Analytics is evolving, move forward with Health Intelligence.

We’re moving beyond traditional healthcare analytics, arming employers with access to new features on our platform to mitigate employee financial risks and better manage costs.

The latest additions to the Springbuk Health Intelligence Platform:

Insights equips you with actionable, curated opportunities presented in five categories to provide detailed insight into your population.

Forecast Insights gives you the ability to forecast disease in your population and target actionable next steps.

Custom Insights allows you to collaborate with our Health Intelligence team to develop custom, actionable insights tailored to your organization’s needs.

The Health Intelligence Tour:

To share Health Intelligence with innovative employers and consultants around the country, the Springbuk team is taking our Health Intelligence Platform on the road. Our team will be making stops in New York City, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Chicago during the month of April. Throughout this series of invite-only events, our Co-Founder + CEO and VP of Health Intelligence will explore how Health Intelligence empowers employers to maximize the value of their health management investment and prevent disease with data.