In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions remain a significant burden, impacting millions of Americans and costing the nation billions of dollars annually. Hinge Health, a digital healthcare company, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way we approach MSK care. In an episode of the podcast “Healthcare on the Rocks: Employee Benefits with a Twist,” hosts Nicole Belles and David Pittman sat down with Aaryn Pure, Chief Commercial Officer at Hinge Health, to discuss the economic implications of MSK conditions, the promise of non-invasive treatments, and a spotlight on Enso, a device for pain relief. 

Below, you’ll find highlights and takeaways from their conversation. Ready to listen to the full episode? Click here.

The Staggering Impact of MSK Conditions

Aaryn shed light on the staggering statistics surrounding MSK conditions, revealing that one in two Americans suffers from an MSK injury or pain every year. This widespread issue not only affects individuals' quality of life but also carries a massive economic toll, with MSK pain costing the United States a staggering $450 billion annually.

Addressing the Challenges of Traditional Healthcare Systems

Traditional healthcare systems often fail to provide effective and cost-efficient solutions for MSK conditions. Aaryn highlighted the concerning reality that over 90% of individuals receiving MSK care are funneled toward invasive surgical procedures, despite 30-50% of MSK surgeries being deemed avoidable, unnecessary, or ineffective. This costly and inefficient approach not only burdens patients but also strains healthcare resources.

Empowering Employers and Employees: Focused Innovation

Aaryn emphasized Hinge Health's unwavering commitment to solving MSK challenges through focused innovation. With a team of over 600 clinicians and 1,000 product and engineering experts, Hinge Health seamlessly blends clinical expertise with cutting-edge technology.

One such innovation is Enso, a non-addictive nerve stimulation device that alleviates pain through high-frequency pulses. Aaryn revealed that over 50% of Hinge Health members utilize Enso as part of their pain management and MSK treatment plan.

Hinge Health's solutions are designed to empower both employers and employees in their pursuit of better MSK care. Through partnerships with platforms like Springbuk's Activate marketplace, Hinge Health can connect with employers seeking to address MSK-related challenges within their populations. 

The Future of MSK Care

Looking ahead, Aaryn provided insights into Hinge Health's future plans, including continued investments in artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize consumer experiences and drive provider decision-making. Additionally, Hinge Health is expanding its offerings in specialized pathways, such as women's health and fall prevention programs for Medicare Advantage populations. 

Recognizing the importance of a hybrid approach, Hinge Health is also exploring strategic opportunities to incorporate in-person care where appropriate.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, companies like Hinge Health are paving the way for a future where musculoskeletal conditions are addressed with precision, empathy, and cutting-edge technology.

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