Springbuk Activate Matches Employers’ Population Health Needs with Potential Program Partners

INDIANAPOLIS — (April 30, 2024) — Springbuk, the leading health intelligence and analytics platform, today announced the addition of five new partners in the Springbuk Activate marketplace. This innovative feature within the Springbuk Health Intelligence™ platform uses data directly from and about employers’ benefits plan members, and matches employers with possible partners based on their population's health needs or risks, showing them potential opportunities in savings and program engagement – all in one place.

Joining Springbuk Activate are:

  • Navigator Healthcare: 24/7, tech-enabled, confidential, rapid access solution for individuals and families seeking help with substance use conditions.
  • NewHealth: Improve patient experience within your group health insurance program with real-time feedback after every claim.
  • RxProtect: offering self-insured employers 30-40% savings, boosts medication adherence, and integrates without plan changes.
  • Specialty Care Management: a leader in cost containment and clinical management solutions for high-cost dialysis claims.
  • Vivante Health: dedicated to transforming digestive health and supporting individuals suffering from GI conditions.

These additional new partners join 11 that were announced in the inaugural rollout of Springbuk Activate in January 2024.

Springbuk Activate continues to generate excitement with our direct employer clients, broker clients, and partners. Employers are thrilled to be able to uncover opportunities within their own data to reduce costs and improve employee health and program engagement, and then connect immediately with one or more partners who can help them act on those opportunities,” said Joy Powell, Springbuk CEO.

“Today’s benefits leaders not only need, they require this type of data-driven program, and Springbuk is the only health analytics vendor who can deliver it,” Powell continued.

Each Springbuk  Activate partner has a customized “card” within the Springbuk application that displays the partner’s logo, program description, value proposition, and strategy for realizing opportunities. An employer’s identified members and corresponding savings opportunity are displayed in the Springbuk application, generated by each partner’s proprietary methods or calculations. Springbuk then applies the methodology on the underlying employer data.

For an employer or benefits advisor, Springbuk Activate provides an estimate of:

  • The number of members in the employer’s population who may qualify for a partner’s program
  • An estimated engagement rate for the partner’s program, which represents the percentage of the members identified who are likely to engage in the partner’s program
  • An annual (12-month) savings opportunity estimate based on the partner’s assumptions of program success
For more information about Springbuk Activate, visit www.springbuk.com/activate.

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