For example, in school, each nine weeks, we study, take tests, and receive report cards to track our progress. If our reports don’t indicate the results we’re hoping for, we make changes to our study plans or seek out a tutor.

When it comes to employee benefits plans, this process isn’t much different. Each year, benefits leaders analyze employee health data, make plan changes or implement new point solutions, and test if their programs meet their employees’ needs.

The one component that’s different? The plan changes that are implemented or initiatives added don’t come with a report card - leaving employers wondering if they achieved the results they had hoped for.

Why is it that benefits leaders have been tasked with spending hours of their time and significant amounts of their budgets on changes they can’t track or measure success?

That’s where Springbuk Timeline™ can help. Timeline is an intuitive solution that helps you see and tell the story of the interventions that have driven the greatest impact for your population’s health, equipping you with the tools to:

  • Monitor the impact of plan changes over time and compare them against different time periods
  • Create employee cohorts to track progress and compliance gaps
  • Compare the impacts of different types of programs or vendor solutions

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Track Program’s Success with Ease

Success is different for everyone. For you, is it reduced Rx cost, diabetes care compliance, or maybe fewer ER visits? With Springbuk Timeline in your benefits toolbelt, you can create cohorts to monitor plan change impact and success over time.

For instance, if you recently implemented a new initiative to close biometric screening compliance gaps, you can easily create cohorts to track the behavior of members who do and don’t receive screenings.

*Information shown above pulled from Springbuk Demo Environment

Timeline can monitor members’ spend and behavior month by month, so you know when to re-engage with your population to keep them on track with health-related behaviors.

Add a Layer of Customization to Reporting

Springbuk Timeline also works hand in hand with numerous solutions in our platform, like Springbuk Report Builder. Once you’ve created a cohort dashboard in Timeline, you can then pull that into Report Builder to add another layer of customization to monthly reporting.

*Information shown above pulled from Springbuk Demo Environment

Springbuk Success Story

HM Risk, a OneDigital company, worked with an employer client to strategically implement a diabetic wellness program. A key benefit of this program that attracted the employer to this initiative was that after members opted-in to participate, they received necessary diabetic testing supplies and monitors. To help track this program’s impact over time, the HM analyst team created a focus population (cohort) in Springbuk Timeline.

When pulling the Timeline dashboards into Springbuk Report Builder, they found that this cohort’s total claims decreased by 33% over 12 months. Taking it a layer deeper, they uncovered that claims related to diabetic complications decreased by 75%, and inpatient care decreased by 96%.

Actionable Health Intelligence

With Springbuk Timeline in your benefits toolbelt, you can say goodbye to the days of making plan changes and wondering whether they move the needle in your population’s health.

Download the Timeline Product Overview