The annual BGH conference isn’t your typical networking event. Each year, benefits leaders that oversee the health and well-being programs behind the logos you see on your televisions, in magazines, and throughout social media come together to share how they’re pushing the boundaries of benefits offerings to create extraordinary employee experiences.

At 2021’s virtual BGH conference, U-Haul International’s Chief of Staff, Jessica Lopez, and Wellness Program Coordinator, Monique Wantland, led a session moderated by Springbuk’s Chief Commercial Officer, Penny Moore. Below are a few key quotes and takeaways from their conversation. Or watch the full replay here.

1. Building and Scaling a Nationally Recognized Program

“I am a firm believer that a wellness program needs leadership buy-in. Our chairman and CEO gave the direction of starting this wellness program and emphasized the importance of health and wellness for all. We started our wellness program a little over five years ago, and I’m confident that we moved the dial so quickly because he supported this program. Health and well-being is our culture here at U-Haul. Helping to provide our team members and their families the tools to live their best and healthiest lives possible is our priority. No matter what someone needs help with, or knowledge about, we have a resource for them.” - Jessica Lopez, U-Haul Chief of Staff

2. Understand What’s Working and Let Data Drive What Comes Next

“As we were integrating Springbuk, it allowed us to see how we could make more impactful programs, communications, and targeted marketing to help us reach our goals. It's not just creating a program that you think people need; it’s creating a program that you know people need. For instance, we're building an on-site medical clinic and a full-scope gym at our corporate headquarters. One of the things we were looking into is how that model is going to work. When looking at our data in Springbuk, we saw many physical therapy needs within our claims data, indicating that we needed to offer a physical therapist. As we saw the benefits of that offering, we're now implementing that within our clinic. We're able to take the data, develop these programs, see the ROI, and help meet our team's needs.” - Monique Wantland, U-Haul Wellness Program Coordinator

3. Using Data to Connect Cost, Utilization, and Resource Consumption Trends

“Data helps us uncover what we would not have necessarily seen if we were just trying to guess what team members needed. When we’re evaluating program performance, based on the data we see, we'll say, ‘Oh, my goodness, guess what this group did, or there’s this new opportunity and we need to change this program.’ Springbuk is a wonderful tool because you have it all right at your fingertips. It's everything that you need to help your team live their best life. Before, it all used to be guessing. Now that we have this tool, even though we thought we had ideas before, we had no way of showing if we moved the dial. Today, we can implement a change right away based on the data. We know exactly who to reach out to help.” - Jessica Lopez