Understanding the issues that drive costs and finding the clinical gaps in care is paramount to improving your employees’ health outcomes. However, many organizations are left in the dark, relying on siloed information and static data sets, facing questions that yield very few answers. 

Enter Springbuk: using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we find opportunities in your population to improve health outcomes and optimize your plan, all in record time.

Streamline Your Data Analysis with Springbuk

Consider your current solution

  • Can it analyze employee cohorts in 5 minutes to understand the data's story?
  • Can it identify patterns in prescription and care utilization that drive your costs and gaps in care?
  • Can it focus strategies on mitigating risk and decreasing cost?
  • And most importantly, can it identify members likely to become high-cost claimaints or a risk in the future?

Springbuk does all of this and more, setting us apart from your typical data warehouse. 

Stay A Step Ahead with Forward-Thinking Approaches

Our commitment to your organization's future shines through our tools and features specifically designed to optimize your population's healthcare spend. Our robust Springbuk Insights™ solution utilizes data science and complex algorithms to generate actionable strategies, predicting members at risk of developing conditions to more effectively guide disease management resources and risk mitigation strategies.

Unique Insights with Springbuk

Springbuk Insights™ features six unique categories for easy opportunity organization:

  • Risk Mitigation: Focuses on chronic gaps in care, comorbid members, forecasting event predictions, high-risk members, and preventive care
  • Care Efficiency: Highlights avoidable admissions and ER use patterns
  • Drug Savings: Provides insights into generic savings, opioid risk, and specialty drugs savings
  • Steerage Procedures: Identifies members at increased risk for future, potentially unnecessary surgeries
  • Potentially Unnecessary Procedures: Identifies members that received preference sensitive surgeries
  • COVID-19 High Risk: Identifies members with conditions increasing their severe COVID-19 risk if infected

With Springbuk, your data gets distilled into actionable next steps you can implement today.

Accelerate Your Decision-Making

In a data-driven world, proactive decision-making has never been more crucial. Springbuk's Health Intelligence™ platform empowers you to make critical decisions at the speed of business, putting the power of multiple, complex data sources into intuitive, visual, and actionable insights right at your fingertips. 

  • Predictive Analytics: Uncover the unseen with our predictive models, designed to identify potential high-risk members and forecast their health outcomes. This feature allows employers to respond proactively, rather than reactively, optimizing healthcare spending and improving employee well-being.
  • Personalized Reporting: Get comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and personalized reporting for each member. Our dynamic reports are more than just numbers - they tell stories, revealing patterns in care utilization and costs, allowing you to be strategic in your healthcare planning.
  • Real-Time Insights: With Springbuk, insights are merely a click away. Access real-time data analysis anytime, anywhere, and stay ahead of the curve.

For example, one use case might involve identifying employees with chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease. 

In one instance, a consulting group partnered with Springbuk and uncovered the most significant opportunity in their client's population was linked to opioid usage and mental health.

  • Springbuk Insights uncovered 80% of the client’s members at-risk for opioid abuse were also categorized with either Orthopedic or Psychiatric conditions

In this case study, learn how Springbuk empowered the consulting group and their client to identify care efficiency opportunities, engage at-risk cohorts through holistic lifestyle modifications, and improve their population’s health outcomes. 

Download the Case Study

Springbuk - Your Trusted Partner in Navigating Healthcare Data Complexity and Driving Organizational Success

Springbuk is more than just an analytical tool. It's a partner in health, assisting you in navigating the complexities of healthcare data and driving positive outcomes in your organization. Let's take the first step towards smarter and superior decision-making today.

With us, you don't have to be a data expert to be an expert on your data. 

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