In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, employers and consultants constantly strive to deliver benefits and resources that enhance their employees' health outcomes. This daunting task demands the utilization of all available data to optimize your plan and understand your employees' needs. However, the traditional approach of relying on carrier reports, third-party vendors, and data warehouses for data storage and management has its limitations. 

Regardless of plan design changes and new health initiatives, healthcare costs continue to surge, and the dynamics of healthcare delivery keep evolving.

The Roadblocks to Optimal Health Benefits

Even with significant investments to enhance your health benefits and improve your workforce's health, if you lack actionable intelligence from your data, it becomes a challenge to understand your investments' impact. Legacy data warehouse solutions, which have been primarily used to help employers and consultants visualize data, fail to deliver the required actionable strategies for improving employees' health.

A New Era of Health Analytics

If you’re looking for an alternative to legacy data warehouses, Springbuk could be the solution you’re looking for. Our health data analytics solution simplifies data-driven decision-making with an intuitive user experience and curated action steps. Our vision is not just about data; it's about providing direction. If you're prepared to put your data to work to gain health intelligence that can significantly improve your employee outcomes, consider six ways Springbuk can help you maximize your most valuable resource – your people.

1. Speed and Automate in Processes

Healthcare data is complex and complicated. With an 800% increase in available healthcare data since 2016, ensuring data quality can be incredibly challenging. Today's HR teams play dual roles as data analysts and HR professionals, spending more time than ever trying to interpret an endless waterfall of data while simultaneously keeping up with rapid changes in their workforce demographics. 

Springbuk's cloud-based technologies and data science add speed, agility, and scale to processing, normalizing, enriching, and visualizing your data efficiently. 

When your data has the integrity to tell the full story of your population, you’re empowered to make decisions with speed and confidence.

2. Turning Data into Direction

Understanding the issues driving costs and clinical gaps in care is crucial for improving your employees' health outcomes. With the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Springbuk can help you identify patterns of prescription usage and care utilization that are driving your costs and gaps in care, focus strategies on mitigating risk and decreasing cost, and even predict future high-cost members. Our forward-thinking approach focuses on optimizing your population’s future healthcare spending.

Springbuk Insights™ goes beyond analyzing claims and wellness data; it generates actionable strategies and predicts members at risk of conditions to more effectively guide disease management resources and risk mitigation strategies.

Springbuk Insights™ distills your data and curates direction on the next steps you can act on today by:

  • Driving immediate impact through the identification of Gaps in Care
  • Identifying patterns among your employee population
  • Uncovering opportunities to avoid unnecessary procedures, recommend lower-cost drugs, mitigate risk, and improve the efficiency of care
  • Targeting populations that are at risk with preventive interventions
  • Having a single source of truth between internal stakeholders, vendors, and health solutions

3. Streamline and Accelerate Your Reporting Process

Once you’ve understood the needs and behaviors of your population, it’s time to streamline your reporting process. Through the power of Springbuk Report Builder, you can build tailored reports in 10 minutes or less. This streamlined process allows you to: 

  • Easily select cards from Springbuk dashboards to build a customized client report within minutes 
  • Quickly apply the same report to different populations or different time periods without having to screenshot or duplicate work
  • Download and share reports to efficiently answer client questions
  • Add a custom cover page, change featured colors, and add your own logo to ensure consistent branding

4. Answer Pressing Questions Swiftly

Data-driven innovators know that their data holds the key to better decision-making. But when it comes to healthcare, why is finding the answer to your question so difficult? With Springbuk, it’s never been easier to make the best decisions for your people and business confidently. Just type your question into the Springbuk Answers™ natural language processing search engine and gives you precise, curated answers in no time.

With this solution, you have the ability to:

  • Receive answers quickly to important questions about your population’s health that would have previously taken hours to uncover
  • Discover what’s driving population costs and see curated related questions
  • Identify the top providers for various services and compare spend to make informed decisions

5. Track Changes in Your Population Over Time

Understanding the impact of your plan changes and new initiatives is crucial for your benefits strategy. Springbuk Timeline™ helps you see and tell the story of the interventions that have driven the greatest impact for your population’s health. With the power of Timeline, you can associate actions, opportunities, and events with changes in meaningful outcomes. It’s easy to use and provides an organized way to identify impact.

Pinpoint Shifts in Utilization

If you noticed an increase in ER utilization for non-urgent visits, you could take action by implementing an increased ER copay.

Deliver the Best Employee Experience Possible

After the copay had gone into effect, you'd want to see how the number of ER visits per 1,000 members changed.

Monitor and Report on Program Impact

Know when to re-engage with your population to keep members on track with health-related behaviors.

6. Rapidly Adapt New Solution Features

Springbuk's Intelligence Engine allows us to innovate in ways that legacy data warehouse solutions can’t. We welcome customer suggestions for new features and continuously deploy new features as soon as they’ve been tested and approved. 

Our data pipeline is completely modern and can handle the demands of healthcare data today, but is ready to influence the way healthcare data is processed in the future:

  • We continuously and transparently deploy improvements to data ingestion without impacting your daily platform use
  • Automated quality rules are run at each phase of the data pipeline to increase efficiencies and data quality 
  • Our data team performs extensive anomaly detection after the data is processed 
  • We review the quality reports results before loading data into the platform for visualization

The Future of Health Data Analytics

At Springbuk, we know that to improve your employees’ health, you need a solution that can empower faster, more informed, more impactful decisions on benefits strategy and spend. Let us show you how Springbuk can deliver the health data analytics and intelligence you need to improve the health of your employee outcomes and maximize the value and potential of your programs.

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