In a webinar, our team of data experts sat down to discuss the three paths that make up the User Analytic Journey.

To help you understand which path will lead you to your data destination, in this three-part blog series, Nicole Belles, VP of Product here at Springbuk, describes how you may use the Springbuk platform to uncover the stories your data can tell.

If you missed part one of the series, click here before reading on about path two.

At the end of path one, we reviewed the Diabetes Profile within the On Demand library and saw the full story woven within your diabetic population – giving you answers to Why, What (service class), and Where (encounters).

As we make our way into path two of the User Analytic Journey, let’s build upon the GLP-1 story, started in path one, and learn more about members who are already taking Ozempic (because we know they had a drug claim for the drug.)

First, navigate to the Claims page and create a Focus Population (cohort) of members with claims for Ozempic, using the 'All Claims by Category' card.
  • Then, select, 'Show the Member List'
  • Next, click the 'Focus Population Creation' button
With your Focus Population built, you can now move into the Report Builder functionality of the Springbuk application to design a custom analysis export.

Working off of the top bar navigation under 'Report,' click into Report Builder and begin to build a custom story using the 'Members taking Ozempic Focus Population,' applying the following dimensions:

  1. Add Top 10 All Condition Groups (Condition Grps)
  2. Population by Cost Risk Level (Report Builder Exclusive)
  3. Top Rx (Claims)
  4. Population Analyzer PMPM

You can save this analysis summary to 'My Reports'; coming soon, you will have the option to save it to 'Shared Reports' which will allow you to share it with colleagues or other users who have access to the same accounts that you do. 

To learn more about the three paths of the User Analytic Journey, and which one can help you find the answers you need, read the full guide here.

About the Author

Nicole Belles has over 20 years of experience in the creation and delivery of healthcare data and, analytic solutions. Throughout her career, she has been using data and analytics to address the strategic business needs of all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, including health plans, employers, pharmacy benefit managers and providers. She has worked in multiple disciplines, including consulting and practice leadership, methodologies and predictive analytics, and product management. Nicole joined Springbuk in the summer of 2021 as the Vice President of Product where she fosters the product vision and strategy, aligning with the Springbuk strategic vision, to drive sustained value to our clients.